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The Way

Sid and Ollie look at a computer screen, which tells them that Ollie's patient's blood was positive for that bacteria. Now, Ollie is telling Ben about the fungus, and that she thinks it is growing in the building, which is privately owned. Ben asks if any others are sick, and Ollie says she wants to do a study. Ben urges her to call the CDC, but Ollie doesn't think people will talk to the CDC because they will be "scared of losing their jobs." Ben says decisively, "What I want is for you do this properly." Ollie raises her eyebrows and turns away, muttering, "Bossy boss with the hot sauce." I swear to God that's what she said. No, I don't know either. Ben turns away and says, "Boy, did that go good." Okay, I refuse to believe that this man can quote Shakespeare, and yet he doesn't know enough to say that it "went well."

Wyatt and Boner Guy are walking down the hall. Boner Guy is carrying a hatbox to cover his, well, boner. Boner Guy reveals that his problem went away and came back. Wyatt says they are just getting started, and Boner Guy is worried that he will still have his problem at his "adoption hearing on Tuesday." He and his wife have been trying to adopt for eighteen months. Wyatt doesn't understand what the hearing has to do with the problem. Boner Guy demonstrates telling the judge how much he loves children. He really loves children. They should give him a child. Wyatt gets it.

Max, Ben, and the two kids sit on the couch and watch baseball. Max and Ben discuss baseball. Ben's nanny comes into the room. Ben complains that Becky said he was a bad listener. Max thinks Ben is a good listener, and that women just think men are bad listeners. Ben asks his nanny if she thinks women are better listeners. The nanny says that "most women feel like they are not listened to." Ben points out that she is "talking about a subjective feeling." The nanny says coolly, "Then, don't ask," and walks away. Max says Ben is "entering Apache territory." I don't even know what that means. Did I mention everyone but Max is wearing a baseball cap? Even the nanny? The kids munch on potato chips.

Ollie greets her patient in the lobby. The patient has brought his wife. The couple is all excited about the sick building diagnosis. Ollie is thinking that she never actually said the building was the problem. The couple keeps babbling about the building's developer, and his political connections. Every once in a while, the patient throws in a Boston accented word. Ollie asks if this is all true (about the political dealings). The wife gets mad and makes to leave, saying, "Why would a doctor from Metropolitan General ever be on our side?" The patient shakes his head and follows his wife out. Ollie looks thoughtful.

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