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The Way

Becky attends a yoga class, and finds Ben stretching on the floor. She tells him it's not a beginner's class, and he says he has "the heart of a warrior." She smiles and puts her mat down next to him. Cut to Becky and Ben doing yoga, and Ben is struggling. A lot. Like, I'm worried that he might have a heart attack. The instructor tries to help him. Ben cracks jokes. Becky laughs. They walk out of the class, and Ben offers Becky a bottle of water. Becky accepts. Ben talks about the muscles, and Becky says it's about the breath. Basically, you know the drill. He's all about the physical, tangible benefits. She's all about the spiritual ones. Becky talks about how she just has to believe in the Tao, and doctors don't know everything, and how the Tao Healer has told her this and that. Ben wonders why Rob says that when the cancer came back, it was the doctors' fault, but if things don't work out now, it's Becky's fault. Hey, he's right! That Ben is smart. He tells Becky she shouldn't go through this alone.

Ben walks into his office, and it's obvious that he is sore from the yoga. That was the whole scene.

Sid tells Ollie to let the CDC handle the sick building syndrome. Ollie says that she has learned a lot of things about Sid from living with him for a year, but she never thought she would learn that he's a coward. He protests, but she walks off in a huff.

Wyatt tells Boner Guy, "That's not an erection." Boner Guy is all, "What are you talking about? It's a monster!" Hee! That was funny. Wyatt continues to doubt the erection-ness on Boner Guy, and finally Boner Guy asks to see Wyatt's boss.

Wyatt has lunch with Boies, his boss. Wyatt thinks the case is "idiopathic." Boies denigrates his diagnosis as basically meaning, "I don't know." Wyatt introduces himself to Sid and Cherry, who refuse to shake his hand and tell him that he has to stand while he eats for the first six months because he's an intern. What is this, a fraternity? Get over yourselves. Oh, Cherry says it's a joke. Wyatt sits. They discuss the case. When Sid is informed that the problem has lasted two weeks, he comments, "That's not an erection. That's an institution." I had to stop the tape at that point and relay the joke to my boyfriend, J-Dawg, who smirked and went back to playing Tony Hawk 2. Maybe it was in the delivery. Cherry and Sid discuss various fetishes in a very deadpan manner. After Sid's institution line, it's not that funny.

Ollie enters Max's office. Her hair is very lanky and unprofessional. Sars would tell her to put. Her hair. Up. ["Word. My kingdom for a barrette, people." -- Sars] Max says that his friend is coming in to see Ollie, and he wants ten minutes of her time. The friend is Josh Steinman, the owner of the sick building.

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