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The Way

Ben tells Becky a story about a tree. It's not very interesting. Becky says she's going to continue to try healing with the Tao. Ben says that the analysis of her tumors shows they can get her two to three years. Becky talks about how working with kids has made her set aside her own problems, because they don't care about that, and just live her life, and that they don't care that she's not perfect. Ben tells her that she inspires fatherly feelings in him, and that to him, she is perfect. Becky smiles, and looks down, and then says, "I want to live."

Ben is lecturing again about how they are taught to maintain clinical distance from their patients. However, management experts say that letting workers see the end product is what makes workers happy. It's like letting people on an auto assembly line see the car run. Ben feels it is the same way with doctors, and that he does "love to see [his patients] run." I'm not sure I like the people-as-cars analogy, but I get it.

Next week: Some woman gets misdiagnosed. A girl has sex with her boyfriend in an exam room, and Boies gets pissed. Ben says that his patients don't die. Well, that seems to be like tempting fate, no?

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