Gilmore Girls
A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

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Thanks, But No Thanks

Luke asks how the four dinners worked out. Lorelai says they aren't more stuffed than they were after the great Six Flags Hot Dog consumption of '99. Rory notes that their taffy binge of '97 was worse, as well. Lorelai says they didn't eat at her parents', so they only had three dinners and not four. Rory says this means they didn't have to skip the rolls. Lorelai asks Luke if he has any rolls. He just happens to have a Ziploc bag of rolls, and only one Ziploc bag and only rolls, sitting right behind him. He hands it over, amazed at their appetites. The girls leave.

Walking through Stars Hollow, Lorelai says for no real reason at all, "This has been a nice Thanksgiving." Rory agrees. Lorelai says it was nicer for some than others, though. The girls say goodnight to HumanKirk, who's sleeping in the gazebo.

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Gilmore Girls




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