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A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

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Thanks, But No Thanks

Inside Doose's Market, Lorelai runs into Kirk, who is buying a basket full of first aid supplies. It seems CatKirk has a bit of a temper, and when Kirk doesn't announce himself before he enters a room, he ends up with a few scratches. Or gouges, actually -- one on his hand, and a nasty one on the back of his neck, from when Kirk put CatKirk's food bowl down in front of him. CatKirk doesn't like that. But Kirk turns the wrong way to show the neck scratch, and we can barely see it. In fact, I needed TiVo's slow-motion feature to catch it, on the far right side of his neck. HumanKirk then admits he doesn't know if CatKirk is a boy or a girl, yet. The cat hasn't exposed his or her underside yet. Lorelai hopes that the cat exposes itself to Kirk soon.

Kirk leaves, and CuteDean overplays the "Looks Nervous" stage direction he was given. Lorelai walks up to him and asks about his Thanksgiving shift. CuteDean says he gets time and a half, and tries to get back to work. Lorelai says that Stars Hollow is a small hamlet, and that it's difficult to avoid someone there, so she'd really like not to avoid him, and vice versa. There's a very strange head-on angle they shoot this shot in, and it's really jarring from the scene, the way they're suddenly facing us while they talk, as if we are CuteDean. We are inside CuteDean. Finally! Lorelai says that she really likes Dean and he's a pal and the best first boyfriend Rory could ever have (note "first," since there's already a "second"), and even though Rory broke up with him, it doesn't mean Dean and Lorelai broke up, too. Dean seems to like that, and smiles. He says that's good to hear. He sighs and Lorelai wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving. Lorelai leaves without paying.

Rory has her hands filled with flowers, and comments they had a really good selection this year. Lorelai shows Rory the chocolate turkeys she bought in the market. Rory asks Lorelai whether Dean was inside. Lorelai says that he was, and that he's fine, and getting time and a half today. Rory seems relieved. They decide to go "eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat."

MamaLane opens the door: "Ah. The Gilmores. Happy Thanksgiving." Lorelai and Rory can't believe what a great mood MamaLane is in. Lorelai hands MamaLane her gifts: flowers, cranberry sauce, and a chocolate turkey. MamaLane asks if she should just write a blank check to the kids' dentist. Lorelai says the kids could just play with it, if they don't want to eat it. MamaLane doesn't know how the kids could play with a chocolate turkey, and then complains that hers is missing its head. Lorelai replaces the turkey -- she had accidentally given MamaLane the wrong one. Oh, man. This episode didn't seem this boring the first time around when I just sat back with some tea and zoned out, but now that I'm having to write all of this down, nothing's happening. It's all small talk, without the normal wittiness. MamaLane, takes off, and Lorelai tells Rory that her arms are too short to box with MamaLane. Rory notices that Dave's inside the house, playing guitar. She says, "Oh, my God!" loudly in the house, as if that would be tolerated even once. Rory and Lorelai comment that Dave looks neat and tidy. Rory: "He's gone corporate." Lorelai: "He's gone Korean."

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