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A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

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Thanks, But No Thanks

Lorelai and Rory walk over to their table. Jess walks up and kisses Rory on the mouth -- awkwardly, since Rory hates kissing. Lorelai wishes Jess a happy Thanksgiving as he sits down. Luke brings the food to the table as Jess says he's starved. Luke says he could have eaten, but Jess says that Luke told him he wasn't allowed to eat until the girls got there. Lorelai says he didn't have to wait for them. Luke says he didn't, Jess says he did. You get the idea. Luke asks if they should give thanks first. "Thanks for what?" Jess asks. That you're still on this show? Luke says they should be thankful that they aren't Native Americans who had their land stolen and their tribes infected with smallpox. Lorelai gives an "Amen" to that. Luke tells the girls they can skip eating there if their day is too full. Lorelai tells Luke that he's the main event today. Rory compliments the yams. Lorelai -- who never lets Luke get a minute's worth of rest -- asks him if he has any more marshmallows. Luke and Jess both leave to get the immensely heavy marshmallow-and-coffee load.

Once they're alone, Lorelai leans in and tells Rory, "So, no offense? But lame-o kiss." Hee. Someone's been reading our boards. She says it's like a couple of chickens pecking at each other. Rory tells Lorelai to mind her own business. Lorelai says that Rory did it right in front of her, so she noticed. Rory says she's not good with public displays. "You didn't have that problem with Dean," Lorelai lies. Rory says she feels like everybody's watching her. Lorelai says they aren't. Rory says she doesn't know how this whole "second-boyfriend thing" is supposed to go. Lorelai -- who can't wait for Rory to be worried about the third-boyfriend thing -- tells Rory that she's going to have hundreds of boyfriends, if not at least three more, and it'll get easier. She reminds Rory that eventually CuteDean will start dating someone else, too. This seems to upset Rory. Babette and Morey stand up and announce that they're leaving to walk off some of that food. Babette has to deliver too many lines about where China's located, so they can walk to it. Then: "By the way, that was some half-assed kiss you two had." Ha. Very slow fade on Lorelai's pout to commercial, instead of on Babette walking out warbling the inappropriate comment and Rory's reaction.

Emily's. Lorelai tells Rory that this isn't going to be so bad, because it's the last time they have to see them until next year. Lorelai says they're leaving in two hours exactly, and begins the countdown. Emily answers the door. They all exchange a "Happy Thanksgiving," and Lorelai counts down again. There's a piano player in some kind of piano room. "I found him at Nordstrom's," Emily says. Lorelai asks if he was on sale. Emily says she thought it'd be nice to have live music playing in the background. "He knows every song ever written," Emily boasts. "Freebird!" Lorelai shouts, and sadly the piano player doesn't launch into it to prove his merit. They leave the room.

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