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A Poolhouse Is Rory's New Home

Lorelai and Rory return to Stars Hollow and pull up in front of Luke's. They sit in the car and have awkward small talk about a bike race that will be going through the town, and about the fingerprint ink on Rory's fingers. Lorelai finally says that she'd like to start talking about the more serious and pressing issue of Rory's getting arrested. At that point, Rory's cell rings. She moves to answer it, saying it's Richie, and Lorelai says she'd really rather that Rory didn't talk to the guy who got her arrested right now. Not to mention the fact that it's very rude to start talking to someone on a cell phone while you're in the middle of a conversation with someone else. To her credit, Rory sticks up for Richie and says that SHE was the one who got HIM arrested. Since Richie spent the night in jail "because" of her, the least she could do is take his call. By this logic, you'd think Rory could also give five seconds of her time to the person who came to pick her up from jail, but no.

Lorelai angrily exits the car so that Rory can talk to her boyfriend. She's immediately accosted by Taylor, who doesn't get the hint when he calls out to her and she keeps walking. He's all like, "turn around! Turnaroundturnaround!" to get her attention. Poor Lorelai: only a few minutes into this episode and she's already had to deal with four brats. Taylor's big news is that the side of the road Lorelai just parked on is about to be a no-parking zone in five minutes because of the next day's bike race, which Taylor claims is "very prestigious." Nothing says "prestigious" like people wearing spandex! Taylor says that if Lorelai's car isn't out of the no-parking zone when the clock hits 10, it will be towed away. At this, Kirk revs up a tow truck and announces that he is "coming" for Lorelai. Lorelai says she'll move the car before 10. Taylor says it would be easier if Lorelai just moved it now. Lorelai: "If it would be easy, then anyone could do it. And I'm a maverick!" She takes off. Taylor looks pleadingly at the sky, so exasperated is he with these bike-race-unappreciating people he is forced to share oxygen with.

Lorelai enters the diner and tells Luke about Rory's little misadventure. He's so shocked and appalled that he stops cleaning the counter to sit down with Lorelai and hear more. There's not much more to tell, though, since Lorelai hasn't heard any of the details yet because her daughter's celly was blowin' up. Lorelai starts talking about hand soap, and how Rory will need some to wash off the fingerprint ink. She says she has no idea what to do next; she didn't think she would ever have to deal with this kind of thing from Rory, who couldn't even return a library book late without being all upset that her overdue-ness had deprived the rest of the library's patronage of the chance to read the The Iliad. DORK! Luke is very supportive and packs a bag of diner pastries for the girls. Lorelai says that all young people do stupid things. At least Rory's stupid mistake won't stay with her for the rest of her life with its slurry baby voice, like Lorelai's did.

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