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A Poolhouse Is Rory's New Home

Lorelai does get a little serious for a second when she and Rory talk about getting a lawyer. Rory's afraid that Lorelai will get one from Richard and Emily, whom Rory would prefer remained secure in their convictions that their granddaughter is perfect. Lorelai assures Rory that she won't tell them anything. I think Rory says she's sorry again, but it's really hard to tell what Alexis Bledel says sometimes -- especially in this episode -- because she slurs her words half the time and I'm not going to figure out how to activate the closed captioning on my parents' TV because an actress either doesn't know how to enunciate or got plastered right before shooting. Rory leaves for Yale. The phone rings. It's Richie, calling for Rory because he can't reach her cell, since it knew that Richie and Lorelai's talking would further the plot of the episode and decided not to work in order to allow this to happen. Richie gets a less-than-warm reception from Lorelai, especially after brings up his father, who will be hiring plenty of lawyers to make this whole thing go away. Lorelai says that Mitch has done more than enough already, and that the last thing she and Rory need is Mitch's help.

When Rory arrives at school, Richie is waiting for her. He asks her what his dad did. So Rory tells him about the performance evaluation, and Richie gets mad and says that his dad is a "jackass" who is always telling people how he feels no matter how hurtful that could be: "You're my girlfriend, Rory, he should have treated you better than that." I disagree; Mitch shouldn't have offered Rory an internship at all if her relationship with his son was going to make him treat her better than the rest of the non-Richie-dating staff. Richie says he's going to talk to his dad. Rory begs him not to, saying she doesn't want this to turn into something between Richie and his dad: "Don't put me in that position, please." Wait -- don't put RORY in that position? Richie's the one who's been put in a crappy position here. But he agrees not to say anything to Mitch, and asks in return that Rory tell him why they're committing a felony BEFORE they do it next time, not that that would stop them. He gives her a big hug and a sweet kiss on the head and leaves her to study for her final.

The Prestigious Bike Race is in full swing outside the diner. Bikers loudly warn each other about a "big hole!" in the street as, inside, Taylor and Luke are about to complete the Twickham house transaction. Luke complains about all the "big hole!" cries while Taylor puffs up with pride at the "international sports event" he single-handedly brought both the beginning and end of to Stars Hollow. Luke is very annoyed to hear that he will have to endure more "big hole!" cries when the race ends later in the week. His mood improves slightly, though, when he finishes all the house paperwork and Taylor says that the Twickham house is officially his, although he has a legally required three-day "cooling off" period in which to change his mind.

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