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A Poolhouse Is Rory's New Home

Rory adds that taking a break from "college" is normal and that students do it all the time, something her mother -- having been too busy RAISING HER DAUGHTER to attend college -- wouldn't understand. Little snot. Lorelai accuses Rory of acting "incredibly immature," and when Lorelai accuses you of being immature like that's a bad thing, it's a big deal. She says that if Rory leaves college, she'll "lose momentum" and never go back. Rory says there's no momentum to lose, since she doesn't know what she's working toward anymore. Lorelai tells her to do what every other college student does, and to take some classes and find out what she does want to do. Rory says that Yale is too expensive to attend without knowing exactly why you're there. Lorelai points out that Rory isn't the one footing the bill, and asks Rory what her plan is, just like she asked her at the end of the last season. Rory doesn't know yet. Lorelai isn't hungry anymore.

Luke sees Taylor standing on the corner of the street and runs across it to talk to him, taking out several bikers on the way. That's what they get for taking three days to start a race. Luke tells Taylor that he's using his cooling-off period option to cancel the transaction. He doesn't want the house anymore.

Emily and Richard enjoy breakfast together. Emily talks to Richard, who doesn't seem to be paying any attention to her. So she says that she's planning to run off with Marshall, the golf instructor. Richard says that's fine. The doorbell rings, and Emily wonders who it could be. Richard says it's probably Marshall, who can't wait to "have" Emily: "I know I couldn't." Ew. Ew. Ew. Enter Lorelai, who sits down and asks her parents for their help because Rory is quitting Yale. Emily immediately accuses Lorelai of lying, and says she doesn't appreciate the joke. Lorelai says she isn't lying. She tells them about the disastrous dinner at the Rich mansion, which I thought she told them about before, to their disbelief, but this time they do believe her and are not pleased to hear that Rory was considered "not good enough" for Richie. Lorelai adds that Mitch then offered Rory the internship to rip her dreams apart with the performance evaluation, after which Rory lost her shit and stole a boat and got arrested. Richard whips out a little notebook -- a move that I love -- and asks Lorelai what she needs them to do. Lorelai says she told Rory that coming home to waste time in Stars Hollow isn't an option, and that she's hoping that, at dinner this week, they can "triple-team" Rory and convince her to stay in school. They should just hire Mr. T for that. He's probably affordable, and kids being cool and staying in school was always really important to him. Richard says he'll work on getting Rory a lawyer. Emily's anxious to talk to Rory now, but Lorelai and Richard both think it's better to wait. Emily offers Lorelai some breakfast. "I think I just got everything I need," Lorelai says. Sigh.

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