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A Poolhouse Is Rory's New Home

Mrs. Kim runs outside to check out the van. Zach hangs back and says that they can't go on a "Crazy Christian Crusade" tour. But they're the best kind! Lane says that it doesn't matter where they're playing, as long as they're playing. Brian says that a tour could be neat. Gil says it could be much more than that. Mrs. Kim calls them over to the van. Gil says he doesn't think it's big enough for the band, to which Mrs. Kim says that all twenty-seven tambourine ladies could have fit "very nicely" in a van this size, and had enough room to keep their legs crossed. All the better to prevent a salami from making a surprise and unwanted entrance. As she says that Lane will be riding "up front," we see Brian kick the ground, all angry that Lane gets the coveted shotgun seat. Hee. Mrs. Kim runs over to the front of the van to check out the engine. Lane asks what the band thinks. Gil's on board. So is Brian. Zach says that if everyone else is going, he is too. The band members cheer and hug until Mrs. Kim yells at Gil to help her pop the hood. Lane thinks about how, sometimes, having a super-religious, super-determined, super-tambourine-playing mother isn't so bad after all.

Lorelai arrives at Friday Night Dinner. She came early so that she and her parents would have time to "strategize." But even early, she's too late, as it turns out that Richard and Emily have been doing some strategizing of their own, and decided that Rory will be moving into their poolhouse during her sabbatical from Yale. They'll get her a "suitable job" and, after a "suitable" amount of time has passed, "revisit" the subject of her returning to school. The camera zooms in on Lorelai as she listens to this. When Richard has finished speaking, Lorelai simply stands up and walks to the dining room. She asks if this was where they had their earlier conversation, which it now seems like she just imagined. "You said you would back me on this. You said you weren't gonna let this happen," Lorelai says. Her parents say this is what Rory wants, and that they need to respect it. And they know this because Rory came to them and told them that, then left it to them to break the news to Lorelai and create a rift between her mother and grandparents because while she's apparently adult enough to make her own decisions, she's still too childish to be able to face their consequences. Emily says that this plan makes the most sense, since Lorelai won't let Rory move back in with her, and they don't want her moving in with Richie, who it seems that they have finally realized isn't perfect. Richard tells his daughter to think rationally for a second, and that she'll see they're right. Lorelai storms out.

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