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Lorelai waits until they're by the town gazebo to tell Rory that Lindsay was really in bad shape when she was yelling at CuteDean. She says that the fight was very violent and public. Rory says this wasn't supposed to happen. Right on cue, Lindsay and her mother run into Lorelai and Rory right in front of the gazebo. "You!" MamaLindsay shouts. "You should be ashamed of yourself, what you did!" Rory looks at the ground, as does Lindsay. Lorelai tells MamaLindsay to wait. But MamaLindsay's going off, asking Rory how exactly Lindsay ever hurt her, or deserved this. (MamaLindsay's name is Theresa.) Lorelai asks her to calm down. Theresa will not calm down, and says that Lindsay came home and found Rory's "heinous" letter in CuteDean's jacket pocket. Dude, CuteDean is not so smart, or he wanted Lindsay to find the letter. I'm guessing it's more of the latter. "You little monster!" Theresa points at Rory. "Hey!" Lorelai shouts. "Pull back, lady!" Theresa reminds Rory that there are "hundreds" of other boys in the world, and that there's no reason for Rory to go after Lindsay's husband. Lorelai tells Theresa to stop attacking her daughter. Theresa: "She slept with my son-in-law. She broke up a marriage!" Rory and Lindsay make quiet, pouty eye-contact. Pull her hair, Lindsay! Slap her! Say something. Do something. Grab a bat. Lorelai says that Rory didn't break up a marriage, and somehow she knows this because she knows Rory. Uh, anyway, Rory totally broke up a marriage because now CuteDean doesn't live with his wife, and has to live with his parents, and Lindsay has lost her husband, and is devastated. So, add that to what you know, Lorelai. Theresa tells Lorelai that lives have been destroyed by this, so Lorelai and her daughter can go to hell. Give Theresa an award for being the first person to ever stand up to a Gilmore. Through it all, a woman sitting in the gazebo never stopped reading her book. Must be a good book. Lorelai asks Rory what was in the letter. Rory pulls her hand away from her mouth long enough to say she told CuteDean that they had a very special night, and that she's not sorry it happened, but that he's married, so he has to figure out his life. She offered to make it easier for him by taking herself out of "the mix." Lorelai tells her daughter that it was a "very good letter." Well, I guess a better letter would be to say, "Sorry I dicked you around for two years fawning over a short kid in a leather jacket, because otherwise we might still be together and in love and you wouldn't be married." Lorelai pulls her shunned daughter away from the public, dangerous streets of Stars Hollow.

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