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Rory has decided not to wait around for her mother, and...I don't know, does this mean Rory knows about Lorelai and Luke? Because I would have liked to have seen that damn scene. Rory knocks on CuteDean's parents' front door. CuteDean answers. "Hi," Rory says, not acknowledging his awesome haircut. CuteDean shuts the door behind him in silence. CuteDean must have picked up all his clothes from the lawn and shoved them in a box, because he's wearing an incredibly wrinkled t-shirt. Rory says she didn't know how to reach him, because she didn't want to call because this town doesn't understand phones. She asks him if he's okay. Hey, you guys might want some damn privacy. Anyway, CuteDean snorts and asks if she's seriously asking if he's okay. She asks how he feels. CuteDean laughs, and Rory apologizes for asking a stupid question. CuteDean says he feels like an idiot. He was married and he threw it away "for someone who dumped [him] once, and then just bailed." Rory says she didn't bail. CuteDean: "I hurt everybody. I hurt Lindsay, I hurt her parents, I hurt my parents. And now I'm back at home when you're in Europe with your grandmother. And what was I thinking? I mean, what am I doing? What's wrong with me?" CuteDean says he has to get ready for work. He walks into his house. Rory stands there, speechless. She looks up to see the bundle of red balloons floating overhead in a rather anvilicious, heavy-handed moment.

Back at home, Lorelai is telling Rory the story of Haybale Bill and his own marital indiscretions. Rory eats potato chips while Lorelai fetches steak sauce for the pizza. Lorelai sits over the table filled with food and asks Rory if she thinks Annie the grog girl made a pass at Luke. She's sure he rebuffed her, but she still hopes nobody messed with her man. Rory's probably not the best person to ask for this kind of advice. Lorelai threatens to "joust the little slut," and Rory's hackles go up at the mention of the "S" word. And also, I guess Rory knows about Luke and Lorelai. Too bad we didn't get to see this pivotal moment of their relationship, toward which the entire show has been heading for five years. I mean, whatever. Lorelai tries to get Rory to talk, but Rory changes the subject. Lorelai asks if they can watch Showgirls again, now that she has the deluxe edition with shot glasses. We got that too (thanks, Djb), and threw a viewing party complete with party favors and trivia. Rory says she has video of her trip with Emily. Rory turns on the television and it's A Room With a View. It does bear a striking resemblance to Emily and Rory in Rome. "Yeah, she gets very British when she's abroad," Lorelai notes. Lorelai puts her arm around her daughter as we fade to black.

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