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Dragonfly. Morning. Lorelai enters with coffee and immediately tells the desk clerk (Rob) that she doesn't like the way the brochures look. She says she's still not sure if she wants to have them at all, since they make the place seem a bit more Super 8 than she's going for. Then she decides not to have brochures at all, picking up the rack and carrying it off. Good decision, Lor. Lorelai doesn't make it to her office because she finds Michel on the floor behind the front desk. He's hiding, and because he doesn't want to talk about it, he declares himself on break. He tells Lorelai that to talk to an employee on break is in direct violation of his union's rules. Lorelai reminds Michel that he's not in a union. Michel explains that he's in a union of oppressed Frenchmen. Lorelai recognizes the U.O.F. I love the random horse whinny. Lorelai stops a random housekeeper and asks her to dust a particular spot on the floor where the vacuum cleaner never hits.

Lorelai meets a family (Krumholtzes?) in the lobby. They've got two kids. The parents want Lorelai to babysit their kids today because, man, the Krumholtzes have an amazing sense of self-entitlement. The kids want to play with Michel, the funny French guy who pretends to hate them. This silly storyline will also continue to go on, even though I don't buy this entire family. Their idiocy and aw-shucks-ness makes them seem like they fell out of the box cover of the Life board game. Lorelai tells the kids that Michel is here, and that he'd be happy to look after them while their parents are gone antiquing. She tells them that Michel is playing hide-and-seek with them right now. The boy actually shouts, "Goodie!" and runs off shouting, "Let's go! Come on!" Yeah, whatever.

Lorelai pours coffee for people who don't ask for coffee and tells a waiter to tell Sookie to come to her office when she gets in because she wants to change the menu.

Lorelai appears to immediately walk back out into the lobby where she just was, but maybe that's because I don't understand the blueprint of the Dragonfly just yet. Lorelai congratulates the Fake Kids, who "found" Michel, and are now holding his hands. Fake Boy brags that Michel growled at them and told them to do something to themselves. Fake Girl giggles that Michel used a dirty word. Lorelai pulls Michel two feet away, which creates the television sound barrier. Michel complains that it is not his job to entertain little people. Lorelai reminds him that the Krumholtzes are in the Dragonfly's most expensive room. Then maybe Mr. Krumholtz could splurge a little of that cash on their wardrobe. I mean, characters. I do mean characters. Michel tells Lorelai to watch the kids herself. "I hate kids," Lorelai smiles. Michel pouts that this isn't fair. Lorelai reminds Michel that he's a profit participant, and that if he makes the Krumholtzes happy, he'll have more profits. Michel and the Fake Kids decide to play "an insipid board game."

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