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Lorelai approaches a gardener on the front porch, but stops herself before she corrects him. She gets a cell-phone call. It's Rory, asking if this is a bad time. Lorelai says she's trying not to be busy. After a few seconds of tense small talk, Rory tells her mother she was just standing on the corner of Bark and Cheese. Lorelai smiles: "Bark and Cheese? Really?" Rory says it still looks exactly the same. Lorelai asks if there was a tiny Italian dog in a basket barking the entire time. Rory says there wasn't, but that she had a flashback. Lorelai teases Rory for having to eat a piece of cheese with her coffee, though Rory insists she used the right word for cream. But she wasn't going to be a whiny tourist, so she tried to pull it off like she wanted cheese with her coffee: "Stinky cheese. The worst, don't forget." Rory says she knows French and a bit of Spanish, but that her Italian isn't very good. Lorelai says that being trilingual is plenty for a young lady. Rory takes a deep breath and apologizes. Lorelai says it's okay. "I screwed up," Rory says. "I screwed up so bad. I handled everything wrong. I keep reliving everything over and over. It's such a mess. I just want to fix it. I have to fix it." She asks her mother for a big favor. Rory's written Dean a letter, and she wants Lorelai to give it to him, since Rory can't mail it to his apartment. "It's a big favor," Rory says again. She insists that this will make everything better, and that she can't wait until she gets home. Isn't she coming home in two days? Anyway, Lorelai says that if Rory gets her the letter, Lorelai will get it to Dean. Rory thanks her a few times. Lorelai tells Rory to have some espresso and Limburger for her. They tell each other that they love each other, and hang up. Lorelai starts to correct the gardener's planting, but Sookie screams from inside the inn at Lorelai to leave. Commercial.

Oh, what a fool I was to think we were past the Renaissance Faire antics. When Liz tries to speak in Ren Faire, she mostly speaks slower, at a higher octave, like when people pretend they know how to sound British. Luke tells his sister he's all packed and ready to go. Liz tells her brother not to worry, since she's got everything under control now. T.J. saunters into the shot, telling a silent, nameless extra that he could die in ten years and they'd trace it back to this very moment, deciding that he hadn't fully healed before going back to sitting around waiting for people to buy necklaces. Luke tells Liz he's going to make a phone call and then leave. Liz asks T.J. to try to yank a metal cash box open with a screwdriver. So now the entire time we're going to be waiting for the moment T.J. drives the tool through his hand and needs Luke to stick around for another six weeks (or through his chest, killing him, forcing Luke to move to the Ren Faire land), but it turns out that doesn't happen at all. Who knows why they bothered giving T.J. this bit of business, making such a big deal out of it. Luke makes a cell phone call, despite T.J.'s warnings about the Ren Faire police looking for those kinds of anachronistic objects.

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