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Luke has called Lorelai, who is always walking into her house when the phone rings, even though she has a cell phone that he probably should have called instead. Lorelai: "Well! Huzzah, and prithee, aren't thou--" Luke: "Stop." Heh. Lorelai whines that Luke wasn't home yesterday like he said he'd be. Luke says he's coming home today. Lorelai: "Oh, what's that, Lucy? A football for me to kick?" Luke says he means it this time. In the background, T.J. complains about the screwdriver. Luike promises he's leaving right away, but needed to call Lorelai right now to tell her the scuttlebutt about Haybale Bill and Annie the grog girl. No new news, just letting us know that Lorelai's been keeping up the gossip over the weeks. Rory's letter has arrived, so who knows what day it is supposed to be. Lorelai moans that she's got a little assignment she has to do. Lorelai asks Luke what lie he's going to tell her now about coming home. Luke says he's coming home today. Lorelai wonders if that means this week, this month, or this year. Luke: "Today." Lorelai: "See you when Hillary's president."

Luke hangs up and looks for a piece of jewelry to bring Lorelai. Liz asks if he needs help. Luke asks for something to match the earrings he already gave her. When Liz finds out that it's Lorelai who's getting the jewelry, she's ecstatic for her brother. "Huzzah!" she shouts. "Huzzah!" shouts T.J.. "Huzzah!" shouts the rest of the Renaissance Faire. It's the funniest moment of the episode, even though it's a totally cheap Monty Python joke. It works. Luke admits he never got the whole "Huzzah" thing. Liz says she's so happy for her brother: "You found your T.J.!" "Please don't put it like that," Luke requests. "You're not going to be alone," Liz says to Luke. What's with everyone happy for these two not because they like each other, but because it means they won't die alone? Is that what happens when people fall in love later in life? Because that's depressing. Liz and Luke hug goodbye. T.J. says that his spine could snap if he hugs anyone. Luke settles for a handshake and a "Good morrow, buddy."

Doose's Market. Lorelai finds CuteDean at one of his jobs, and he'! Thank you for cleaning up the CuteDean. Oh, man. Yay! Hot. Awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could go on. I won't, because I'm getting married and we all know how CuteDean feels about marriage. I don't want to appear even more attractive to him. CuteDean's babbling on about nothing to some girl, and I think this entire moment is filler because the rest of us are shouting at our television screens "Thank you!" and aren't listening to a word the boy says. CuteDean sees Lorelai and excuses himself from the nameless, lineless extra. Lorelai hands CuteDean the letter from Rory. "What happened?" CuteDean asks, full of anxiety. "Where is she?" Lorelai tells him to take the letter. You got served, CuteDean. He knows Rory went to Europe because Miss Patty told him: "What happened? What's she doing there? Who's she with? When's she coming back?" Poor CuteDean. He's so worried about Rory. Lorelai tells him Rory's coming back soon, and that he should take the letter. CuteDean: "Where is she?" Lorelai says she's in Europe. "With who [sic]?" Lorelai: "Her grandmother." CuteDean wants to know why she went. Rory. There is such a thing as EMAIL. You could TEXT MESSAGE CuteDean on his CELL PHONE or EMAIL him before you run away for six weeks. Rory always runs away, and I hate that about her. She's such a coward. CuteDean asks whose idea it was for Rory to head to Europe. Lorelai says it doesn't matter, but CuteDean argues that it does. Lorelai says that she's a messenger, nothing more. CuteDean takes the letter as the strummy-strummy-la-la takes over.

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