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We All Fall Down

We're at that random coffee shop where Lorelai takes people when she's going to deliver bad news like "I'm not going to marry you." She's with Digger. She tells him that she called every hotel in the area with a decent high tea and found Emily in the Grafton Hotel with an indefinite check-out date. Lorelai can't believe her parents have separated, no matter how much she dreamed about it as a kid. She says she also imagined her mom finding her inner Timothy Leary and then moving them out to a Berkeley commune. She knows now that Richard and Emily Gilmore were made for each other. She says it's more frustrating that they won't ever talk about it, because the Gilmores believe in repressing emotions and then using them as weapons on each other. She wonders if they're going to pretend every Friday that nothing's wrong. Lorelai says it's weird that her mother's living in a hotel. Digger tells Lorelai that he's suing Richard. He says he has to. "No, you don't," Lorelai says. Digger says he has to respond, or his entire career will be destroyed. Lorelai asks him to find a different way to do it. Digger hopes Richard will settle. "It's just business," he says. Lorelai suddenly hates Digger, and gets this look on her face, saying she's sick of people saying that lately. Digger says he has no choice. Lorelai tells him not to be just a business guy, and to put this on another level. Digger says he has to fight back, but that he'll keep her out of this. And then, also uncharacteristically, Lorelai tells Digger that she can't date someone who's suing her family. Really? Because that used to be the one line that could always get her into bed. Digger says Richard destroyed him, and that Richard won't stop until there's nothing left. Lorelai insists that he can't do this. Digger says he has to. Lorelai says she can't be with him if he's going to sue her father. Lorelai struts on out of there, and Digger's alone as we fade to black. (Flyer for a show I'll never see.)

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Gilmore Girls




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