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We All Fall Down

Emily's. The maid answers the door. Lorelai describes her father. The maid says he's in the living room. Lorelai enters. The maid shuts the door. (Three Ricola lozenges.)

Richard's reading a book. He says he didn't know Lorelai was coming over. Lorelai says she called. Richard says he wasn't in the mood to talk. Lorelai says that they need to. Richard says he wants to read. Lorelai asks why he's doing this. Richard says that reading is good for you. You learn things. Lauren Graham is wearing the wrong pants and jacket for this profile shot. She says that Digger was Richard's partner. Richard wants to go to his office to discuss this, but Lorelai's already in pouty daughter mode. She says that Digger was supposed to take care of this. Richard says that this is business, and that he did what he had to do. Lorelai says he didn't have to do this to Digger. Richard thanks Lorelai for her opinion. Lorelai asks why he'd go back to a company that was so horrible to him. She says she doesn't understand. She asks if this is because she is dating Digger. Richard shouts that Floyd threatened to go after everything Richard and Emily had. Emily starts to walk downstairs, but stops to listen. Lorelai says that there has to be something else Richard can do. Richard tells her to go home. Lorelai apologizes for lying about dating Digger. She begs him not to destroy him like this. Richard says he's hardly destroying him. Lorelai says that Digger has nothing and might have to move. Richard: "So what?" Lorelai says that she's in a relationship with Digger, and can't have him move. Richard says that she could move with Digger, if she loves him so much. Lorelai says she can't move. She's got Rory and the Dragonfly. Richard says she should have thought of that before she started seeing Digger. He says he's tired of Lorelai showing absolutely no concern over what happens to him or Emily: "The only thing you care about is what happens to your boyfriend! And the worst part of it is that I never expected you to act any differently." Neither did we. Actually, we're a little surprised she even cares about the boyfriend. Usually they're just Kleenex. (One Albuterol inhaler. Recently expired.)

Richard tries to read his book. Emily enters. She asks if it's necessary to go after Digger. Emily's concerned because it took a long time to get Lorelai back into the house and she's dating Digger. She doesn't want Richard's actions to drive Lorelai away again because if she goes, Rory might go too. Richard knows they've got Rory under a financial obligation, so she's not going anywhere, and Lorelai lied to both of her parents. They can't control what Lorelai will do. Richard says he's doing what he has to do. Emily gets a superior look on her face and storms out of the office. (One Sephora mirror. Pink.)

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Gilmore Girls




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