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We All Fall Down

Lane is ranting on the phone to Rory about the girl living in her house. Rory is walking to her dorm, telling Lane she's overreacting. Lane is upset that the girl is wearing Lane's clothes, even though they're the clothes she doesn't really like. Rory isn't so good with the commiserating, and is mostly telling Lane that this is no big deal. But it's a huge deal to see someone replace you. I got upset to find out that my old bedroom had become the computer room. It's traumatic. It's finding out that you weren't as necessary as you thought. Rory tells Lane that it was her choice not to live there. Lane says that MamaLane found a new daughter, and that this one can probably needlepoint. Rory says that she has to go, since Paris is only letting her have ten minutes on her cell phone. Lane asks if Rory's going to go to her gig. Rory -- who probably doesn't even know what instrument Lane plays -- says she can't miss a Friday-night dinner for Lane's improbably early gig. Lane tells Rory that they'll have other gigs, but the other Lane will probably be in the band by then. Rory hangs up. She's reached the pile of papers from York's class, where one student is celebrating his B minus. He says it's like an "A" from anyone else. Rory pulls out her paper. Precious Princess scored an A. Yale's a fucking breeze for this kid. (One tiny container of Purell Hand Sanitizer. I have a knack for resting my hand on discarded wads of gum when I'm in public.)

Rory is trying to study, but people are having a party upstairs. She bangs the ceiling with a broomstick, but that doesn't help. She tries to study again, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Man, nothing's happening in this episode. Lorelai shows up at Rory's dorm to return her phone and tell her she's skipping this week's Friday-night dinner, as Richard's really mad at her. Rory won't let her mom skip the dinner, since it's the only time she gets to see her entire family, and she doesn't think that whatever happened could possibly be that bad. To her credit, Lorelai won't tell Rory what Richard said to her. (That might be mostly because it was the truth.) Rory thinks Lorelai should go to the dinner, and won't take no for an answer. She thinks they should give Richard a chance to make things right. They've got Rory in this weird light that makes her look like she's got a zit. Rory promises to be Lorelai's buffer during dinner. The noise starts upstairs again. (Wallet.)

Lane, waiting tables at Luke's, orders a grilled cheese sandwich from Cesar. Kirk asks Lane about the flyer for her band. He wants to know how he can get the sandwich. Lane explains that the sandwich isn't supposed to be on the sandwich. Kirk asks if he can bring his own sandwich. Luke asks Lane to wait on her break while Cesar goes to the bank. Cesar gives Lane the grilled cheese sandwich, which she drops to run outside when she sees Lane 2.0 walking by. I guess Lane's taking that break now. Hope she doesn't get fired. (Dayplanner. I used to have a Handspring, but it kept crashing. I'm back to paper organizers now.)

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