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We All Fall Down

Lane stops Lane 2.0 and asks a barrage of questions about who she is, where she came from, and what she's doing here. The girl explains that she's an exchange student from Korea, staying with MamaLane. Lane says she's MamaLane's daughter. Lane 2.0 asks why Lane's so mad. Lane says that the girl is trying to steal her life, wearing her clothes, sleeping in her bed, living with her mom. Lane 2.0 begins shrieking in Korean. Lane yells back in English, and eventually Lane 2.0 runs away. Lane tells her to give back her sweater and second-least-favorite scarf. (Six pennies, three nickels, a quarter.)

Asher Fleming/Michael York wraps up his class. Next they'll be discussing Kafka's The Trial. As the students leave, the professor compliments Rory again on her paper. Rory confesses that she thought her paper was stinky. York tells her that it was very good. Rory says she was questioning her grade, since she knows the wise, willful, and wonderful woman. York, insulted, tells Rory that she was graded fairly, and that there was only one other person who got an A (gee, wonder who? ["but is Paris even in that class?" -- Wing Chun]); he cautions Rory not to question his grades again. He's so going to try to sleep with Rory in three weeks. Rory thanks him for the A. "And the redhead has fat thighs," she uncharacteristically adds at the end before leaving the room. York looks aggravated. (One restaurant mint wrapper. Empty.)

Rory drags Lorelai to Emily's door. Lorelai says that she'd rather take her time, since they're early. Rory tells her to stop being ridiculous. At the door, Lorelai pouts and whines, wondering which tack Richard will pick with her tonight. Will he be silent, or launch a full-out frontal assault? Maybe he'll be quiet and let Emily be on the attack. Lorelai says that they can still leave, and that this is the point in the horror movie where the audience tells them to run away. Rory rings the doorbell. Richard answers, flustered, and says the girls are early. Rory says they didn't hit any traffic. Richard invites them in. (Pen cap.)

Richard cheerfully asks the girls if they hit much traffic. Rory says they didn't. Richard says that traffic can ruin your day. He offers to make them drinks. But there's no ice, so Richard heads to the kitchen to get some. Rory tells Lorelai that Richard doesn't seem mad. Lorelai says that depends on which definition of "mad" Rory means. Emily sneaks in, carrying a jacket. Caught, she confesses that she was just at the store, but that they were out of what she was looking for. Richard comes back in, saying that the girls were early. Emily asks if he's holding ice. Richard drops some. Emily picks it up, scolding him for not taking the bucket into the kitchen. Like they wouldn't have the maids doing all of this, especially during what we're about to find out is going on. Richard makes drinks. Emily sits, clutching her purse, and asks Rory how school is. Rory says she just got an A on the paper. Lorelai asks Emily if she's going to keep squeezing her purse like that. Emily says it's new, and that she's breaking it in. Lorelai: "Sure. Otherwise you'd...get blisters." Richard hands them their drinks. They drink. Richard asks Rory how school is. Rory says she just got an A on the paper. The maid announces that dinner is ready. Everyone is flabbergasted. The maid apologizes, explaining that Emily never told her what time she wanted dinner. Emily says that they could just eat now. Lorelai is shocked that they'd eat so early, and even more amazed when Emily says they can just bring their drinks to the dinner table. Richard grabs some cocktail napkins. Lorelai decides to make a drinking game out of her parents' repetitive questions. (Two loose dollar bills.)

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