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You're The Baptized!

At the reception after the big shebang, Sookie admits to Lorelai that she asked Rory and Lorelai both to be godparents hoping to bring them back together. "Well, blow me down," Lorelai says and goes on to compliment the delicious salads before finally being forced to go and talk to Beau, who is smarmily staring her down. He grossly licks his thumb and touches it to her and then to his sleeve. "What do you say we get out of these wet clothes," he says, to Lorelai's deep horror. "Listen, Beau," she says, "there's been a misunderstanding here." She tells him that what Rune told him about her was not true, none of it. "Really?" he asks. "So, you don't have a kid?" Well, she says, that part is true. And didn't she get knocked up when she was sixteen? Uh, yeah, she says, also true. "And he said you'd never been married," he says, "you're just single and datin' around?" She says she's engaged now, though he interrupts to ask if she wasn't engaged before. Finally, she says, "You know what? It's all true. I'm a horndog. I'm gonna get some potato salad." Beau lowers his eyes, all romantical. "Potato salad..." he says. "I get it." Awesome. Lorelai wanders away, thoroughly icked.

Rory walks up to announce that she's leaving. Lorelai tells her to drive safe. "I know this is lame at this point," Rory says, "but you can have my new number, if you want it." Lorelai, emotionless, says that's okay; she'll just call Emily and have her leave a note. Sad. I hope they end the rift soon. I didn't really realize until now how much I'd like to see it resolved. I want it to be with Rory realizing what an ass she's been, though. I'll accept nothing less than her crushing realization that Logan has led her down the path of unrighteousness and dumb-assery!

Except, I guess that won't happen for a while, because on her way home, Rory calls Logan from her car. He's at school and asks how the baptism went. She's all mopey and says it was fine, but that she's not handling things particularly well these days. How right you are, girlie. Logan says yeah, he knows what she means. He's apparently had a talk with his father recently, in which he learned that it's time to start stepping up to the family plate, and getting his act together: "It means my pre-ordained life is kicking in." Rory says she's sorry to hear that he's so upset about it and that maybe he should tell his dad how he feels. No, because that would be responsible and smart, and Logan is all crazy and exciting and spontaneous, right? So instead, he tells her to meet at the airport, he's going to take her to New York, by helicopter. "See you in twenty minutes, Ace," he says, gagging me. Unfortunately, Rory accepts.

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