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You're The Baptized!

Rory sees Kirk on her way in to the church and compliments him for looking nice. "Thanks," he says. "This is the suit they buried my dad in." Hilarious. He goes on to say that he can't decide whether to sit on the Martha side or the Davey side in the church. He knows Davey better, he says. They've had one or two high-fives, a few peek-a-boo sessions, but he hasn't had too much contact with Martha. "She seems more reserved," he says. "Elusive. There's a bit of Garbo in her." Cute. Rory explains that a baptism is not like a wedding, and stares at her mother in front of the church. (Here is where I tell you that Martha and "Davey" are two family names of mine, and that if I ever have kids, I will probably use one or both of them, so be warned. It's not that I'm naming my non-children after the Gilmore Girls supporting cast -- I'm just trying to explain that, now.)

In the door of the church, Jackson runs up to Sookie and Lorelai, asking them to guess who's being baptized today. "Who?" they wonder. "Me," he says. They laugh like it's Christmas come early. Jackson says it isn't funny -- that somehow he was scheduled to be baptized early in his life but it got put off because he stuck a quarter up his nose and had to go to the hospital, so it never happened. Okay...Jackson's family is so ultra-religious that they insist he get his children baptized, but they never had him baptized? He is in a rage about it and rants while Lorelai stares wistfully off into the church yard at her daughter. We cut here, kind of in a weird spot, to commercial.

We come back as Sookie is teasing Jackson about having to maybe wear a christening gown. Hee. Rory walks up, and Sookie abandons Lorelai to face her, alone. Lauren Graham looks so beautiful and seems so sad. It brings home what used to be so great about this show -- the interaction of the Lorelai and Rory characters. It seems they are about to be forced to talk to each other, until the minister swoops in saying he'd like to speak with them about their godparent duties in his office. Once there, he explains that it's the godparent's responsibility to look after the spiritual upbringing of the child. "I certainly hope the parents will throw their two cents in," he continues, "but the godparents are vitally important figures in a child's life." Yes! Exactly! He asks the two of them their religious affiliations, and Lorelai reminds him that he's known them forever. Yes, he says, but he still doesn't know. "Oh," Lorelai says. "We're a bit...lapsed." The rev. wants to know from what they are lapsed. Well, religion, Lorelai says, and then lays down the Mother Guilt in the most fabulously subtle and genius way I have seen in a while: "I can't speak for Rory," she says, not looking at her, "but I have a strong belief in good." Rory throws in that she read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Lorelai also mentions that she has a Bible, though she may have accidentally given it to Goodwill. The rev. says these are all very positive, if somewhat irrelevant, things as pertaining to the baptism and that, anyway, it says something good about them that they'd come through like this for a friend that asked a favor. Uh, yeah. Great job there, Reverend. Don't wait for someone to dismiss the sanctity of baptism, just do it for them.

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