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Pomp And Circumstances

In the kitchen, Lorelai tells the maid that when she gives the signal, the maid should run in and distract Emily, and then Lorelai will take Emily down. Lorelai leaves.

Pot pie. Emily admires the crust. She tastes it. She says that Sookie's food is as accomplished as she remembers it, and that once they fine-tune the presentation, they'll have a very nice dinner party. They got the job. Sookie thanks Emily and promises she won't be disappointed. Emily says the event starts at 7:30, and that she'd like them to be there at 4. She leaves to make a copy of her notes for them to read on the way home. Sookie celebrates getting the job. Lorelai says they always had the job, but that Emily was teasing them, and wanting to humiliate them. There's a whale/fish analogy here, but I'm moving on. Nothing fazes Sookie.

As Lorelai drives home, Rory's on the phone, gleefully explaining her perfect study tree. Lorelai tells her that all girls think their tree is perfect. Rory says it fits her back completely and that there's plenty of grass. Wait, Rory's dorm room is back to the way it was again. I'm so confused by the layout. Lorelai says that at least one of them is happy. "And thank God it's me," Rory says. She brags about how much studying she got done today. Lorelai wants to know how she got hornswaggled into catering for her mother. She asks if Rory's going to go shopping for a nice yellow ribbon. They hang up.

Luke's. There's a background sound of children playing. I don't know why. Maybe it's supposed to be Halloween outside? Lorelai orders a cheeseburger, onion rings, and a list of people who killed their parents and got away with it. Lorelai says she can't go through with this. "It's a gig," Luke grumbles. Amen, Luke. Lorelai says it's like Prince opening for the Rolling Stones. Luke's busy watching Kirk go through his practice date. Kirk is talking to an imaginary Lulu. The other Cesar is behind Luke! Both men are working today. Okay. So Day Cesar is the Hispanic boy, and Night Cesar is Asian. I've figured it out. Kirk is videotaping his imaginary date so that he can review his side of the conversation tonight. Lorelai says there are so many ways Kirk could get kicked out of the army. Luke says that Kirk's been there all day ordering everything off the menu, determining which food has the lowest crumb-to-sweater ratio. Lorelai says Luke can ask Kirk to leave. Luke says this is all Lorelai's fault anyway, since she told Kirk to find a place that makes him comfortable. Lorelai tells Luke to give Kirk a break, since he's just trying to make sure Lulu has a nice time, and that people are all just looking for a nice person to hang out with until they drop dead. And if Kirk's date goes well, it means he won't be around so often. Kirk shouts, "Cut! Okay, that sucked. Let's just go away, right again. Focus. Focus." Luke tells Lorelai he'll have Kirk's monogrammed booth installed tomorrow.

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