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Pomp And Circumstances

Yale. Hesitant strummy-strummy-buh-buh as Rory finds another boy under her tree. He's reading a magazine. Rory tells him he's under her study tree. He asks what a study tree is. This kid could be Jess 2.0 if we're not careful. Rory says that she has roommates. He interrupts her and says he's busy. Rory makes fun of his Truckers Monthly magazine. This kid's got way too much hair. He makes a face when Rory makes fun of him, and he tells her that there are a million trees on campus. She says this one fits her back perfectly so she doesn't get tired, and the noise level is perfect. She was hoping he'd consider giving her back her tree. "No," he says. "Oh," Rory says, unused to not getting her way. She wanders off as the music stumbles with her. That's our Rory: can't see the boyfriends for the trees.

Luke's. Night. Kirk opens the door for Lulu, who says this place seems nice. Kirk tells her that diners are all the rage these days: "Very hip. Very, very hip." Kirk snaps his fingers and Luke turns around. Kirk says he had reservations for two under "Kirk." Luke walks them the two feet to their table, where the champagne and flowers are waiting. Kirk slips Luke a dollar bill and tells him there's more where that came from. Luke says it's his lucky night. Lulu sits and says, "Wow, I'm getting the fancy treatment!" Kirk: "Well, you did show up." Lulu appears to be having a fantastic time. Kirk hands Lulu a menu and says he heard the meatloaf was excellent

Lorelai's house. There's a knock at the door. Lorelai answers it. She's wearing Juicy Couture jogging pants. I hate words on asses so much, you guys. You know when I hate it the most? On any girl ages eight to twelve. Might as well write "Dirty Perv" across your ass, and if you're a mom buying your little kid jogging pants with "Juicy" or "Sweet" or "Honey" or "Princess" or "Perfect" or even "Tri-Delt" or "Trojans" across your little kid's ass, there's something wrong with you. That being said, Lauren Graham has one sweet ass. Emily's at the door, and asks Lorelai if she's in her pajamas. Lorelai says they aren't pajamas. "You wear that in public?" Emily asks. Welcome to my world. Lorelai invites Emily in. "You have the word 'Juicy' on your rear end," Emily notes. Lorelai says that if she had known Emily was coming over, she'd have changed. Emily: "Into what? A brassiere with the word 'Tasty' on it?" Hee. Lorelai asks what she can do for Emily. "I'm afraid you aren't going to be catering the launch party after all," Emily says. "Your father and I just decided to go a different way, that's all." Lorelai is understandably upset, and Emily says they'll reimburse any money she's already spent. Lorelai accuses Emily of never wanting her to cater in the first place, and deliberately making her jump through hoops just for fun, and thinks what Emily has done is cruel and horrible. But Lorelai can tell that Emily's upset about something. Man, Kelly Bishop's a good actress, and the two of them make this scene much better than I can recap it. Emily agrees that it was wrong of her to do all of that to Lorelai and Sookie just to take the job away from them. Lorelai isn't sure how to handle being told that she's right. Emily apologizes and says she thought her table was lovely and the food was wonderful: "I was really looking forward to this party. I think it might have been the best one I put on." Emily tells Lorelai what Digger did, calling her out of date and stuffy. Lorelai is sympathetic to the obviously hurt Emily. Lorelai asks if Digger knew how much work Emily had put into this. Emily says that's not important, and that she's been doing these things for Richard for thirty-five years, and if Richard thinks it's time to go with what Digger wants, then it's fine with her. She says that now she doesn't have to worry about a party: "I can just relax and hang out." A startled Lorelai says, "Mom..." Emily says she should go, since she's wasting all of her "hanging-out time." Emily gets up to leave and asks her to apologize to Sookie for her. She says she'll see Lorelai on Friday night. She leaves. These are the scenes that make me truly love this show.

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