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Pomp And Circumstances

But this one's good, too. Kirk's actually having a good date, much to the surprise of Luke. Lulu's touching Kirk's hand, telling him he's funny. She giggles and tells him, "That's amazing! You sound just like him." Luke puts the filter in and the coffee pot on and is concentrating on making a new pot when he hears "Luke" right over his shoulder. Luke is startled at how close Kirk suddenly is to him. Kirk says he needs Luke's help. He asks if Lulu's still at the table. Luke says she's still there. Kirk grabs Luke and says, "I don't know what to do." Luke takes Kirk's hands off his arms and says that everything's going fine. Kirk says that's exactly the problem: he's never had a date go well and he has no idea what the hell is going on. "Doesn't that seem weird to you?" Luke admits that it's strange, but that there's no need to question it. He tells Kirk to go back over there. Kirk says that Lulu was looking directly at him, so he thought there had to have been something on his lip, but there wasn't: "She was just looking at me." He'd prepared many small-talk subjects, and he hasn't used one of them yet. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. She was supposed to sneak out when he's in the bathroom, leaving him humiliated. He's been to the bathroom three times now, even when he didn't have to go, and she's always still there: "And she's smiling and hey, did you see her touch my arm? What the hell was that about?" Luke says he thinks Lulu might like Kirk. Kirk grabs Luke and starts roughing him up. "Shut up!" he says. "You take that back!" Luke says he's not going to fight with Kirk over this: "To be honest with you, I'm a little fuzzy on the why myself, but bottom line is she does." He tells Kirk that there's a frightening chance that this girl might touch him again tonight. He tells Kirk that he should probably go back over there and do what he was doing. Kirk confesses he was doing his Jon Cryer from Pretty In Pink impression. Luke says, "Duckie?" Kirk says yes. Luke asks if he's at the end of the movie yet. Kirk says he's just getting to the "Try A Little Tenderness" part. Well, look who watched a movie. Maybe Luke and I have the same taste. Luke tells Kirk go get back over there because Lulu likes him. Kirk repeats it to himself and leaves. "God help us one and all," Luke says.

Lorelai's asking someone on the phone to leave another message that she called as Sookie throws away broccoli tarts. Nice waste of food, Sook. She's upset because she was going to use the money from catering Emily's party on a down payment for a safer car. She says that Davey will now have to fend for himself, rolling around in the back of Jackson's truck. Rory shows up, and yells. Lorelai yells back that they're in the kitchen. Rory complains that she lost her study tree. She says she's going to flunk out of Yale now that she can't study. Sookie complains that she's going to be eating broccoli tarts for the next four years. Lorelai yells at Rory to suck it up and stop complaining because she's in college now and not two. She tells Sookie that kids used to travel in covered wagons, so little Davey will be okay without his minivan. Rory and Sookie can't believe the bug that crawled up Lorelai's ass. Lorelai says she'll be back later, and she doesn't want to see any tarts when she gets home. "Grab a fork," Sookie says to Rory, who runs for the silverware drawer.

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