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Pomp And Circumstances

Emily brings a vase of flowers into Richard's office. There's a photographer set up to take pictures of Richard and Digger. Richard just wants to get this over with. Emily says that patience is a virtue. Richard says that time is fleeting. Was this script written by Benjamin Franklin? Digger has made the mistake of trying to grow a beard, and his sparse facial hair makes him look like he's the bad guy on one of this week's Law & Order shows. The photographer's name is Helmut. He takes pictures of Richard and Digger leaning over to sign contracts. Someone presses play for "Track 783: camera snapping" on the sound-effects CD. Two pictures and Helmut is done. And that probably cost $500, too. Man doesn't even need a flash. Richard and Digger prepare to sign the actual papers. When did Emily decide she liked this merger again? How did this get worked out? Digger says he's feeling historic. Richard says this is Gettysburg all over again. "Important men doing important things," Digger notes as he signs. I don't like that Digger. He's up to no good. Digger and Richard shake hands. "Let's give 'em hell," Digger says. Emily is disappointed that she didn't get Helmut taking pictures of the handshake. Richard apologizes to Digger about the "photo session." Digger says he thinks it's a "cute idea," and Emily makes a face. She says that when the financial papers call for an official photo, "it'll be downright darling." Richard says he learned long ago that Emily is always right when it comes to things like this. Emily asks Digger to stay for dinner, but he's got to run out of there and ruin Richard's career...I mean, "get the papers to his lawyer." So his lawyer can ruin Richard's career. Growing a beard, huh? Gonna bleach your hair next, Digger, so nobody can recognize you when you take all of Richard's money and flee to Mexico? Digger leaves, saying he'll see Richard the next morning. Emily mocks Digger's "I think it's cute," and says he needs a good smack in his scruffy face. She asks Richard if they can discuss the launch party. Richard says he just wants something dignified. Emily says it probably shouldn't be too fancy, and gets excited when she thinks about having a vodka bar. Caviar. A Russian theme: "I love that it's okay to be Russian again." Richard says it sounds lovely, and they plan the party for the 23rd. Emily tells Richard to buy a new suit for the occasion, and find out what Digger's wearing so they don't dress like the Bobbsey Twins. Richard leaves so that Emily can smile to the empty room and say, "A Russian theme. I like that."

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