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Pomp And Circumstances

Sookie arrives and says, "Hey, you're here!" which leads me to think that Lorelai hasn't spent much time at the inn. I imagine this is the same thing people at Yale say to Rory when they see her in her dorm room at night. Sookie says she has very exciting news. But before she can say another line, two surfer dudes run up, swipe Sookie's belly, shout, "Surf's up, dude!" and toss the belly back and forth as they kick sand in Kirk's face. Sookie tells Lorelai that Emily called her this morning, and they get to cater Emily's launch party. Was Sookie awake in the last episode? Why would she do this? Lorelai can't believe that Emily found out she and Sookie had a catering company, since Lorelai has never told her. Sookie doesn't understand how Lorelai had never mentioned the business. Lorelai makes Sookie give a detailed re-enactment of her conversation with Emily, when Emily found out that she and Lorelai were in business together. "She's mad," Lorelai concludes, even though Sookie swears that Emily didn't sound mad. Lorelai says she can't do this, but Sookie says that it's probably the last job she can take before Davey arrives (and the second job they've taken, I guess). Lorelai says that something else will come along. "Not that pays like your mother does," Sookie smiles. Lorelai says that Emily pays so much so that she can torture the help without worrying that they'll throw knives at her. Sookie says that decorating and planning at that house would be a snap for Lorelai, because she grew up there. She says that Lorelai can spend 90% of the night in the kitchen, and then they can take home the "pretty-pretty money." Sookie starts cooing to the "pretty-pretty money." Lorelai agrees, and tells Sookie not to ask her again.

Kirk walks up, and Lorelai admits that she forgot he was there. Kirk wishes he had a nickel for every time he's heard that. Lorelai apologizes and says he has her full attention. Sookie then decides she's leaving, and Kirk and Lorelai help her up. Sookie leaves. Lorelai follows Kirk over to his mailbox display. Kirk is now designing mailboxes. "Condoleeza Rice!" I shout with glee as I giggle. "How do you know what she looks like?" Stee asks me. "I watch television," I scoff at him. "I know politics." I cross my arms indignantly. "You mean you watch The Daily Show?" he asks, one eyebrow raised. I inhale sharply and then nod slowly. Kirk likes his whimsical mailboxes, that say to the world, "I'll take my mail with a smile." Kirk says that Lorelai is a preferred customer, so with the purchase of a mailbox he'll throw in a carved-duck doorstop and a garlic peeler. Lorelai says it's quite an offer, but that it's a little early to pick out a mailbox, since she and Sookie haven't decided what color to paint the inn yet. "Well, whimsy goes with everything," Kirk says. Lorelai notices the Condoleeza Rice mailbox. Kirk says he's a fan, and that her big mouth is perfect for shoving mail in. Lorelai decides she needs to think about it.

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