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Pomp And Circumstances

DOOR OPENS. Tana is watching the gigantic television. Rory says she's trying to study, but that she can hear the television through the wall and it's distracting. Tana asks if Rory's telling her to turn it off, which Rory can do since Rory's grandmother paid for the television. Why doesn't Rory ask Tana to turn the television down? I don't know. But it doesn't happen. Rory says that the television belongs to everyone. Tana offers to press her ear to the speaker and turn the television down really low, but since the speakers for the television are mounted in the corners of the ceiling, she's not sure how to do that. Rory has already stomped off. She grabs her things and leaves. DOOR SLAM. And you know, that's how we go to commercial, because that's how Amy Sherman-Palladino likes to end a scene.

Lorelai's kitchen. Sookie pulls out a tray of broccoli tarts and asks Lorelai to try one. Hi, burning hot mouth. Lorelai threatens to beat Sookie with a tart if she makes her eat one more. Sookie says that Emily is the pickiest woman she's ever catered for, with impeccable tastes, and that she can smell an inferior tart a mile away. Lorelai says depending on how long it's been left out, they all could. Try the veal, folks. Sookie worries that Emily hasn't called yet, but Lorelai's sure she will. She was supposed to call a couple of days ago. Don't try to predict what day it is, because Lorelai and Sookie are still wearing the same clothes they were wearing when they took this job back at the inn.

Sookie makes Lorelai phone Emily with questions. Emily and Lorelai exchange pleasantries. Emily is wearing the same outfit she was wearing when Richard and Digger took pictures, so let's say this is all one big day, and Emily was supposed to call Sookie days ago and it was Sookie who waited days before telling Lorelai they got the gig. That means this is still Thursday. Lorelai tells Emily they haven't heard from her yet, and that they need details about the party. Emily says she's just now heard about the Independence Catering Company, which is what Lorelai and Sookie are calling their business. She tells Lorelai that a few years ago, there was The Independent Company, who were all the rage until they sent a few hundred people to the hospital with food poisoning. Lorelai says that's a great story. Emily continues, saying it'd be a shame if people mistook Lorelai and Sookie's company for them, but that Emily didn't have the chance to give Lorelai this warning, because Lorelai never bothered to tell Emily about having started a catering company in the first place. Lorelai lies and says she sent Emily one of their flyers. Emily says she didn't get the flyer. Lorelai says she sent it and, to be honest, she was hurt that Emily didn't call to congratulate, so now she forgives her. Emily asks when Lorelai sent the flyer. Lorelai: "Last...week." That really could be at any time in history. Emily asks what it said. Lorelai says it said "Come and get it," but when Emily finds that distasteful, Lorelai says the flyer was just your basic introduction to the catering company. It had the company's phone number, address, and a caricature of Sookie and Lorelai. Emily asks if she can have one of the extra flyers so she can see what it looked like. She tells Lorelai to bring it with her Friday night. Emily says it's so unusual for things to get lost in the mail these days. Tell that to, because something someone sent me from my wish list never got here, and I have no idea how to find out who sent it to me. Emily asks if it's possible that Lorelai got the address wrong. I wish they didn't drop this storyline, and that Lorelai had to draw a caricature of her and Sookie.

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