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Pomp And Circumstances

Yale. Rory has changed, too. She exchanges the latest classes that suck with the hurried guy from upstairs. "Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks!" he sings. Man, Rory can't find one possible hetero boyfriend. "That yoga's really working for you, Glen!" Rory shouts. Rory almost opens her door, but she can hear the muffled CNN and the squeaks of the trampoline. (If it were any other dorm room, we'd think it was filled with people having sex.) She sighs and almost enters, but then she hears the phone ring and Paris shout for nobody to answer it. Rory runs away from her suite.

Wandering through Yale, Rory passes tree after tree, surrounded in multi-colored leaves. Couples lean against these trees, reading, studying. Rory keeps walking until she finds an empty tree. Strummy-strummy-la-la follows Rory as she circles the tree once, puts down her things, eases into the tree, and smiles contentedly. She pulls out her books and studies into the commercial break. ["Yeah, serious studying is much better done outside on the ground than in a library." -- Wing Chun]

Emily's. The clock ticks loudly as Emily takes notes on the table setting. Lorelai waits impatiently behind her and begins heckling. I've never hired a catering company before, but I'd sure have fired Lorelai by now. As Emily studies the tapers, Lorelai babbles on about how she cut them herself. Emily asks if Sookie and Lorelai will have servers who will be instructed to keep quieter than Lorelai is. Sookie brings out the appetizers. I'll bet they aren't called that when you're fancy, but I don't know nothin' 'bout fancy. I only recently learned what an Eating Club was. Emily is impressed with the food. Sookie and Lorelai make frantic sign language over Emily's head, and Emily catches Lorelai making the crazy cranked finger near her ear. Lorelai says she'll tell the servers not to do that, either. Emily asks for her napkin, which has fallen on the floor. Lorelai offers to tuck it in Emily's shirt, and then puts it on Emily's lap, still babbling on. Emily tastes the food. Sookie and Lorelai wait. Emily tastes the soup. CLOCK RINGS FOUR TIMES. Lorelai sighs loudly. Emily asks what the next course is. It's a lobster pot pie. Emily says she's ready for it now. Sookie goes to get it, but Emily stops her, asking how far along she is. "Eight months," Sookie beams. Emily notes to Lorelai that a woman eight months pregnant shouldn't have to go and fetch things. Lorelai leaves to get the food. Emily tells her to take the plate, so that she has a place to put the pot pie. Lorelai says she can think of a place to put it.

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