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Rory's Sudden Freak-Out

Rory and CuteDean walk as Rory fills CuteDean in on the events of the town meeting. He asks how lunch went. Rory says she feels so much better about things now. CuteDean asks in a rather whiplash-like fashion from out of nowhere: "What happens when you leave?" He asks if they'll break up. "Whoa, that was blunt and out of nowhere," Rory says. Djb leans over and says to me, "Those were the stage directions next to his line." Rory says they won't break up. CuteDean asks how they'll see each other. Rory says she'll do homework during the week or on the train home and they'll spend weekends together. Or they'll talk on the phone at night. She points out that Christiane Amanpour spends half her year in foxholes in Third World countries, and she's got both a husband and a kid. CuteDean asks if they'll have access to the CNN jet. Rory suggests that CuteDean go to school in Boston. CuteDean -- who, I guess wasn't making the grades we all assumed he was making -- is going to junior college. He needs to stay in Stars Hollow to afford it. Rory asks him to be serious. "I am," he says. And then, to solidify this episode as Worst Written Ever, he says again: "I am." Rory says they don't need to be this serious. CuteDean tells her to forget it. They leave for Luke's.

Lane and Dave flirt on the bench. Lane takes off her Dead Kennedys shirt to expose her "Trust God" t-shirt. Dave asks if that's a band. "No," she says. "My life." She runs off.

Sookie and Lorelai are teasing Jackson for liking modern art. Suddenly, Jackson asks Lorelai what she plans on doing with Rory's room once she's gone. Dude, it's just freshman year, and, like, a year away. You think Rory would never come home again once she leaves for freshman year? Lorelai's not letting that girl get her own place until she turns at least twenty-three, and then she'll just be moving back in with her. Jackson says he'd like to put his tools in Rory's room. He's got a collection of antique farming tools and no place to put them. ["Stupidest notion ever. Build a shed!" -- Wing Chun] Sookie, for no understandable reason, says that Rory's room would be perfect for Jackson's tools. Jackson says that Rory won't be needing the room much longer, anyway. Sookie and Jackson suggest that Lorelai think about it. "I will," Lorelai says. And of course, again: "I will." She turns to watch Luke and Rory enter Luke's. I don't remember there being such a high platform to enter the restaurant.

The next morning, the phone rings. Lorelai tells Rory to let the machine get it, since she can't stand talking to another teen who can't speak English. It's Darren Springsteen, saying he read Rory's records and that they're perfect. He says she's tailor-made for Harvard, and that she should have no problems getting in. He says he'll tell everyone in Harvard admissions (who's getting special treatment now, Miss Thing?), and that she should start packing her bags. Both Gilmores are a little depressed at the good news. "You're in," Lorelai says, which start my giggles because "You're in" sounds like "Urine" and I'm seven. Lorelai asks Rory what she's doing today. Rory says she has newspaper things. Lorelai says she's got some hotel stuff to do. Rory says that the newspaper stuff can wait. Lorelai says that the hotel stuff can wait. They decide to "just hang" today instead.

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