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Friday dinner. The whole week has passed. Lorelai and Rory eat in silence as Emily drones on that Richard has joined a cigar club and it's gross and he smells like cigars and she doesn't approve of his disgusting new hobby. For the first time in Gilmore Girls history, this is the moment when both I and the person with whom I'm watching the show fall completely asleep. I watch the rest of the episode the next day. Emily asks what's going on with Rory and Lorelai. Rory gets a page. Lorelai asks who it is. Rory won't tell her. She says it's CuteDean, but Lorelai doesn't believe her. They eventually start fighting at the table. Emily finds out what's going on (we're already caught up, so I'll spare you the recap again), and tells Rory that she has to listen to her mother. Rory can somehow just excuse herself from the table while she's being disciplined, and then does. She just leaves and walks off.

Rory pouts in Richard's study. Rory and I have the same sweater. Rory walks over to Richard's desk and gets on the phone. She calls Lane's house. MamaLane answers, "Kim's Antiques. We're closed. Call tomorrow." Rory says she'll never again call after nine, but she'd really like to talk to Lane just this once. MamaLane agrees and walks up to Lane's room. Through the closed door she tells Lane that the phone is for her. "But it's after nine o' clock," Lane says through the door. MamaLane says it's okay and that it's Rory. For some reason, Lane says she doesn't want to talk right now, and thus ruins her one moment of freedom. MamaLane tells Rory that Lane isn't feeling well and that they'll have to talk tomorrow. That's what you get for ignoring Lane, Rory.

MamaLane knocks on Lane's door and lets herself in. Lane is crying in her bed. She says she's tired. MamaLane tells her to come down and have some tea. She says she has these rules in place for a reason. Lane asks if they can just talk about it tomorrow. MamaLane says that she makes these rules so that Lane won't get hurt by boys. She says that American boys aren't respectful of feelings. This is why she made these rules. Lane is too young and vulnerable. She says she doesn't like this at all. She demands to know who this boy is. "Henry Cho," Lane says. "'Cho'?" MamaLane asks. "'Cho' sounds Korean." Lane says that Henry is Korean. MamaLane keeps asking Lane if she's sure Henry's Korean. Lane says he is smart, wonderful, cute, and is going to be a doctor. He goes to church and is a counselor at Bible Camp, and he liked her. "A doctor!" MamaLane whispers. Lane says she was so stupid and she should have just introduced Henry to her mother. And now he's gone. "Maybe I could call his mother," MamaLane says. She sits on the bed and asks, "You sure he was Korean?"

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