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Lorelai and Emily are drinking at the dinner table as Lorelai moans that she's never liked Jess. Emily totally agrees with Lorelai "one hundred percent." She says that Lorelai will just have to stick to her instincts and be a mother this time. She says that Rory's a good girl, but that good girls can go bad with the wrong influences. She has to make sure that Rory doesn't make the wrong choice and get herself into trouble. She says that Lorelai has to be Rory's eyes and ears and brain right now, because Rory's too young to make her own decisions. Lorelai freaks out and leaves the table. She does excuse herself, however.

Upstairs in the study, Lorelai comes in and asks Rory to listen to her. She says she doesn't want to lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn't want to be her eyes and ears and brain. She says Rory's judgment means something to her. She says she didn't mean to violate the Cool Mom Clause they have going. She is concerned about Jess, but she'll trust Rory to make the smart decision. She says she'll respect Rory's judgment, but she wants her to be the Boy in the Plastic Bubble kind of careful. She tells Rory to cut CuteDean some slack, too. He just wigged and came to Lorelai to talk to someone. They declare their fight over. They get up to walk downstairs. Lorelai tells Rory that Emily agreed with Lorelai tonight. "I'm so sorry," Rory moans.

Back at the house, Lorelai says she needs a shower to get the film of Emily's agreement off her. She goes upstairs. Rory walks into her room and calls Jess.

Jess is just hanging out on a Friday night reading The Fountainhead like any other small-town bad boy. They make casual teen phone talk that's mostly talking about nothing as the strummy music takes over. They flirt as Jess stares at the bracelet in his hand.

Next week, Christopher is back. He brings his new girlfriend. Lorelai hates her. Emily is pissed off about something.

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