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In a strangely shot scene, Rory stands with her hands in her pockets, staring into space. Jess comes up behind her and says that nobody is there. He asks if she's going after CuteDean. "Not right now," she says. Instead, she leaves to go on her picnic with Jess. How long was Rory standing there? She had to have watched him walk all the way home.

Jackson finds Kirk sitting on a bench sorting through his basket. Kirk asks what one jar holds. Jackson says it's a pineapple-cranberry chutney. Kirk makes a "yucky" noise. Jackson explains to Kirk that Sookie made this basket for Jackson, as Kirk audibly searches for his carrot sticks. He says that every lunch has carrot sticks, preferably the crinkle-cut ones. Jackson says that he and Sookie have made up from their fight, and now he'd like the basket back. Kirk says that this is his basket, and that he bought this basket, and so it is his. Jackson says he'll pay Kirk forty-five dollars, which is ten more than Kirk paid for the basket. Kirk says no. Jackson offers fifty. Kirk says no. Jackson says he'll buy Kirk another basket. Kirk doesn't want another basket. He says that just because Jackson has a girlfriend doesn't mean he gets to bully those without girlfriends. Jackson says he wasn't trying to bully Kirk. Kirk is going on about how he hasn't had a basket in years. His mother didn't even make him a basket. Twelve brothers and sisters and they all got baskets but he didn't. He's the only one without a basket. Jackson realizes, and asks for Kirk's asking price. It's $250. "Twelve brothers and sisters," he deadpans. Jackson asks if Kirk would take a check. Kirk says he'll need two forms of ID. Jackson says that Kirk had better be as pathetic as he sounds. "Oh, trust me," Kirk moans.

Henry hasn't called Lane on the pay phone yet. He's an hour late. She borrows a quarter from David. The phone is dead. Lane panics and runs off.

Lorelai complains to Luke that they're in the gazebo and not eating their picnic on the ground. She says that picnics are always on the ground. Luke says he thinks eating on the ground is pretty stupid. Lane runs up and asks Lorelai for her cell phone. Luke stands up and leaves. He says he's going to the diner to get them some real food that they can eat. Lorelai pretends to be insulted and threatens to pout. Luke adds that he'll also bring some brownies. "Ooh. The pouting has left the building," she flirts.

Lane runs over to a tree to call Henry. Henry stops reading Time magazine and picks up the phone. He confesses that he called Lane's house and accidentally asked for her. Then he covered it up by saying he was selling subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal. Lane tries to fix everything and come up with a new, secret rendezvous. Henry isn't into hiding and sneaking anymore. He says he can't break up with her since they've never gone out. He likes her, but he'd like to be able to pick her up and call her. Lane says she'll tell her mother soon. Henry says that he's got prom coming up, so he asked someone else to prom, assuming that she couldn't go. Lane starts crying and hangs up the phone.

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