Gilmore Girls
Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Home. Lorelai pulls up and sees CuteDean sitting on the steps of the house. Oh, it's all so sad, with the strummy music and the la-la's and everything. Lorelai pouts up to CuteDean. In perfect heartbroken delivery, CuteDean says, "She likes Jess, doesn't she?" Lorelai can only pout and try not to cry with the rest of us. CuteDean sighs, stands up, and lumbers off. He's so tall. Come to me, CuteDean! You'll find something so much better out there! She's not worth your pain!

Next week: the promo tells us there's going to be a car accident that Jess causes, so Rory goes to the hospital and Lorelai fights with Luke. It's just a ploy to remove the last remnant of CuteDean from Rory's life, I'm sure. Also, I don't trust these promos anymore. Probably it's Michel's car and it got messed up at a Monster Truck Rally.

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