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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Luke's. Morning. Lorelai asks Luke if she can just sit anywhere. He tells her she can sit anywhere she'd like. Lorelai asks the guy who I think played the pizza guy a very long time ago if he'd please move. Luke changes his statement to, "Anywhere where there's not people." Lorelai and Rory move to an open table. Lorelai has slowed down because she's noticed that something is different. Rory says it's impossible for something to be different and she'd be very disappointed if something changed in that diner. Um, aren't they doing construction and changing the entire building? Rory says that change sucks, and Lorelai agrees. Then Lorelai spots it: the chalkboard. The special has changed. It's an omelette (a word my spell-check tells me is incorrectly spelled, but I'm just copying down what I see), when it's always been French toast. Luke walks up to take their order. Lorelai asks what's in the new special omelette. Luke tells her that she won't like it. He says she's been eating there for years and he knows what she likes, so he knows she won't like the omelette. It's three eggs with bits of bacon. Lorelai likes bacon. Cubed tomatoes. "Sounds good," Lorelai says. Swiss cheese and a dash of oregano. "A dash, he says," Lorelai mocks to Rory. Lorelai orders the special omelette but with the bacon on the side instead of in the omelette, and Jack cheese instead of Swiss because Swiss is too stringy, hold the oregano because she's allergic, and a cup of coffee. Oh, and not too many tomatoes. Very light. Just practically none. Luke accuses her of doing this on purpose. Lorelai feigns innocence. Rory orders the French toast. Lorelai and Rory giggle over how cruel Lorelai just was. Lorelai says that she can tell Luke worked really hard on the sign and everything. "It's so precise. So determined." Rory tells her that it's Jess's handwriting. It's block letters, people, so I'm not sure how Rory can tell this from the scribbles in her Howl margins, unless they've been passing notes lately. But Jess is determined enough that it's oozing out of all of his pores and into his block-lettering on chalkboards, I guess. I can buy that. Rory lies to her mother by saying she lent Jess a book and he "wrote some stuff" in it. Lorelai gives a shout-out to the forum by commenting that Jess vandalized Rory's book. Rory says he wrote "thoughts and stuff." Lorelai asks if his thoughts were like, "Play basketball; eat a sandwich." Hee. Rory says he wrote "margin stuff." She gets snotty and says, "People like Mark Twain wrote in margins." Well, la, dee, da. Lorelai jokes, "Pilot a steamboat; write Huckleberry Finn?" Rory moans to just forget it.

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