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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

CuteDean enters here, all cute with floppy hair. Rory instantly tries to get him to go very far away. Quick kiss without any feeling. She asks how he found them at Luke's. CuteDean reminds her that she's always at Luke's and has been there every morning of her life. Lorelai asks CuteDean if he wants to join them. CuteDean asks Rory if it's okay. "Hunh?" she asks. CuteDean repeats the question. Rory says he doesn't have to ask. CuteDean sits down. Luke asks for his order. CuteDean orders the special omelette. Rory and Lorelai burst into giggles. Luke accuses Lorelai of putting CuteDean up to this. Once again, poor CuteDean is the only one who has no idea what's going on. Luke says he'll come back when he has time for this. Poor CuteDean. No girlfriend, no eggs.

Chilton. Rory's in a circle with a group of students. She asks if everyone's familiar with the reading material now. Louisa asks if they were supposed to have read it all. Rory says that's why they had all been sitting there quietly for some time. Louisa says she thought it was like some kind of prayer thing they were doing. Hee. Fraulein says she was still reading her paper. Paris is outraged. Fraulein says she's a slow reader. She wants to make sure she doesn't miss anything. Paris says it's not the big Indian play that I'm not even going to attempt to spell (closed captioning didn't even try to do it, so I won't either), it's just simple instructions for the business class assignment. Louisa comments that Paris seems to be unhappy that Rory's the group leader and not her. Paris asks Rory to lead and fix the anarchy. "I'm just enjoying the show," Rory says.

Brad walks up at this point. Y'all remember Brad, the Romeo before Philllipppe who dropped out because Paris gave him hives, only to have to debate her at another school? Well, he's back because his therapist told his parents (and his rabbi agreed) that he has to face his fears head-on. Thus, he's in Paris's business class group project. Brad sits next to Paris and says, "Paris." Paris simply stares. After a few moments, Brad turns to the rest of the group and asks, "Her name is Paris, right?" Rory explains that there's an "Inter-school Business Fair" in a few weeks. Not really sure what that means, "inter-school." In any event, they have to come up with a product aimed at high-school kids, make a prototype of the product, and market the product, all within a million-dollar budget. Brad gives little comments, like, "cool," and "neat," until Paris tells him to can the "festive little interjections" because they're low on time. Rory says they'll meet again tomorrow to pitch product ideas. Louisa's almost out the door asking, "Class dismissed?" Paris reminds Rory that she's not finished. Rory says they have to find a parent involved in business to be an advisor. Chip (just some guy in the group) says his dad's got meetings "out the wazoo." Who says that? Paris's dad's in Hong Kong, but he can video-conference. Rory decides that's a no. Fraulein's father is traveling. Louisa's dad's in court for the next few weeks. Louisa's unsure what her father did this time. Rory asks if anyone's mom works. "Working moms are so nineties," Fraulein drones. Nice. Brad's mom's a curator at the Hartford Natural Museum. Paris says they need actual business advisors and not "somebody who poses animal carcasses." Everyone remembers that Lorelai runs an inn. Rory totally knocks down what her mom does for a living and says it's just this little tiny inn thing that's nothing, like her mom runs a roach motel or something. Paris says it's better than Brad's mom, "The buffalo stuffer." Brad is insulted, and says she doesn't stuff the animals. Paris asks for the name of the rabbi that encouraged Brad to come back to Chilton. She wants to "pop him one." Rory says her mom isn't right for this project. Paris says that Lorelai is all they've got, so Rory'd better find a way to get her there or perhaps she shouldn't be the group leader. Rory says she'll ask Lorelai. Everyone gets up to leave. This is such a good episode there isn't really much for me to interject. I hope you guys don't mind.

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