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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Sookie's stirring something in a bowl, counting each stroke. Lorelai runs in saying that something has arrived. Sookie doesn't want to mess up her counting. She does, anyway. Lorelai tells Sookie that she got a package. Sookie keeps counting and stroking until Lorelai tells her that it's the wedding invitations. Sookie tosses the bowl of whatever into the air Three's Company-style and rips open the box. They're printed wrong, of course, and say that her name is "Susie." This is a problem as the invites need to go out very soon. Lorelai calls the invite people to complain as Sookie moans and complains.

Michel walks in and calls it a beautiful morning. "Sucks from where I'm sitting," Sookie says. Michel reminds Lorelai that he needs tomorrow afternoon off. His mother is coming to visit. Lorelai asks the person on the line for "customer service." She tells Michel she's sorry his mother's coming to visit. Michel tells her that he loves his mother and he's very excited that she's coming. Lorelai says she must be projecting. She asks if his mother will be staying at the inn. Michel says she'll stay with him at his place. It doesn't matter that it's tiny because they stay up all night talking and laughing, having a good time. Lorelai says she can't wait to meet her. Customer service gets on the phone and Lorelai explains that there's a problem with the wedding invitations and she's going to put the bride on the phone. She puts the people on hold and tells Sookie that the best way to deal with this situation is to remain calm and be nice. Sookie says she will and takes the phone. "How dare you do this to me? You're ruining my wedding! It's the most important day of my life! My life! Not Susie St. James's! You listening to me?" Lorelai backs out of the room. I don't know what it is with this show and mistreating people in customer service. I also don't know why they haven't shown the crazy people that stay at inns. Also, glad to see that the previews for this episode were once again completely misleading. It was supposed to be this big showdown where Sookie told Lorelai that she was ruining her wedding. I hate being lied to. Maybe Rory's writing the promos.

Rory meets Lorelai in the lobby and tells her that the business meeting didn't go as long as she thought it would. Lorelai pulls out some work for Rory and tells her to organize a stack in chronological order. She asks how her day went. Rory says she got an A on her physics test, she finished Candide, and she convinced a boy that Paris would probably never attack his rabbi. "So, uneventful, huh?" Lorelai asks. Rory agrees. How many classes is Rory taking? At least ten or so, right? Rory begins asking Lorelai to be the advisor by saying, "I know you're probably not going to want to do this..." "Yes, I will!" Lorelai says. "Unless it's something I don't want to do," she adds. Rory lays it out and says she's in a spot. Nobody else can do it and she checked and double-checked and Lorelai's her very last choice. Lorelai says if Rory's really in a spot she'll do it, but she thinks that Richard would be a better idea. A retired businessman with nothing to do all day might make a good advisor. Rory says that asking him might upset him, since the mention of business seems to be taboo around that house these days. She says that Lorelai just wants her to ask Richard because she doesn't want to go to Chilton. Lorelai says she thinks Richard would be thrilled, and her not having to go to Chilton is just gravy because then she won't feel guilty. Rory says she'll give it a shot. She asks Lorelai if she really would have felt guilty. Lorelai says she wouldn't, but she would have felt guilty about not feeling guilty and then there's guilt on top of that and it all just gets messy. "Miss Gilmore and the Vicious Circle," Rory says.

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