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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Richard's working on his antique car when Rory walks up. Richard says it's a pleasant surprise to see her. He'd hug her, but he's got various forms of viscous fluid on his clothing. Sometimes it's obvious that everybody on this show talks exactly the same way. This is one of those times. Rory asks how the car's running. Richard says she's being a bit obstinate today. Rory says she wanted to ask him a favor. She tells him about the project at school for her economics class. She asks if he'd like to be the advisor. She says she understands if he can't do it, but she thought she'd ask. He says he's not sure how much help he'd be since he never created a consumer product. Rory's already backing out and away, telling him it's not a big deal at all, just like how she deals with CuteDean. She didn't really want to ask him in the first place, you can tell. Rory says the word "totally" about fifteen times. Richard says that things are a little hectic right now and this is short notice. "Very short. Very short," Rory says. Emily walks up and says she didn't know Rory was here. She makes sure that Rory didn't hug her grandfather. Rory says she's got to go. Emily offers her some cookies. Rory declines and excuses herself.

Emily asks what Rory wanted. Richard tells her and says it's nothing. Emily asks why Richard would decline. Richard says Emily's name several times and tells her he'd like to talk about it later because he's busy. Emily says that he's not too busy. Richard says he doesn't expect her to understand, but he's in the middle of something. He'd rather talk about it later. Emily says she never thought she'd see the day that Richard Gilmore let down his granddaughter. She asks if this is how it's going to be from now on. Moping, silence, bouncing around hobbies she expected, but turning his back on Rory she didn't see coming. Richard is indignant, saying he didn't turn his back on her. Emily asks, "Are you that lost?" Richard leans over and blasts classical music out of the jambox. "I'm incredibly disappointed in you, Richard!" Emily screams over the violins. Richard heaves a big sigh as Emily leaves and we fade to what I think might be the first commercial break.

My poor, stubby fingers.

Stars Hollow. Hey, Lane! Missed you! Lane appears to have taken some kind of aptitude test at school that has told her she's got a "genuine aptitude" for sales. She's upset that she's going to be schilling Whip-O-Matics for the next twenty-five years, and I'm surprised Rory doesn't ask Lane to be her advisor at Chilton. Lane says she doesn't want to be in sales. She wants to do something cool. Rory tells her that she doesn't have to be in sales. Um, I'm pretty sure she's going to have to run MamaLane's store someday. It's in Mrs. Kim's will: "Lane will run shop. She will not sell it or close it down. She will not hire floozies or troublemakers to ruin shop and drive it into ground. Lane will run shop like I do. With class. And thirty-five percent mark-up." Rory and I have the same pair of brown pants. She tells Lane that she's taking the aptitude test way too seriously. In ten years, they'll be having lunch in Paris and not discussing whether or not Lane made her quota.

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