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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

CuteDean walks up and says hello. He asks Lane how she's doing. She says she's only as good as her last sale. Rory tells CuteDean to ignore Lane because she's crazy. He asks what they're doing. Rory says they're off to buy some shoes. Lane says she'll pick up a job application while she's there. "You will now face the wall quietly," Rory says. CuteDean was wondering if Rory would come by his softball game. She hasn't been to one of his games in weeks. Rory says they already have plans to see each other tonight, and she needs to do her philosophy homework. Eleven classes. CuteDean says she can do her homework at the game, only looking up every once in a while to see him swing or run. You know, like a girlfriend does. They make a joke about nihilistic theories. Rory says she will stay home, do her homework, and see him play next week. She promises to be there next week. A disappointed CuteDean says he'll be at her house at seven. What time's his game? What day is it? Why are they not in school? Kiss without feeling. CuteDean says good-bye to Lane. I hope they start dating.

Michel has Lorelai sign bills and invoices, telling her as she signs what she's signing. Yeah, she'd probably make a crappy advisor, since Michel seems to be the accounts receivable and payable guy. As MamaMichel arrives, my closed captioning tells me "In French Accent," just so there's no misunderstanding. They hug and coo all over each other. Michel says he was going to pick her up at the airport. She says she wanted to come early and buy presents for him since he's a "materialistic vulture." She's kind of a tropical French? Like Cajun or Jamaican French? I don't know. She makes Michel spin for her. She says he's the perfect son and if he'd been born ugly she doesn't know what she would have done. "Boarding school?" Michel asks. "In Switzerland." Michel spins his mother over to Lorelai. MamaMichel asks Lorelai if her eyes are real. Lorelai says they are. MamaMichel says God is cruel to bestow those eyes and that face to just one person. Lorelai asks if she can be her mother as well. Michel says he's going to show his mother around the inn. Lorelai tells him to make sure he introduces his mother to Sookie because she wants to meet her as well. MamaMichel says she wants to meet all of Michel's friends, and she didn't raise him to be rude. Michel reminds her that she did. "Come!" she says. "Show me off!" Michel asks if she's been using the free weights he sent her. MamaMichel: "Yes! They hold down my papers beautifully." Michel: "Lazy, silly woman." MamaMichel: "Cruel and vicious boy!" She likes the words "cruel" and "vicious."

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