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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Chilton. Richard and Rory walk down the hallway. Rory tells Richard she really appreciates him doing this and she knows that he's busy. She told everybody to have their pitches prepared so he can be in and out of there as quickly as possible. Richard says he'll be there as long as he's needed, but he appreciates an economy of time. "I totally understand," Rory says.

Rory introduces Richard to the group. They all sit down. She asks if he wants to say a few words before they start. He says he's just there to give advice if needed, so he's going to sit behind the group and observe, advising if needed. Louisa's first. She couldn't find her new lip-gloss this morning. She had just bought it and it's perfect. Major shine without the stickiness that causes your hair to stick to your face. I hear you, girl. She ended up having to borrow gloss from Fraulein this morning, which is horrible because their faces are two different color palates. Paris asks Rory to tell the "Pigeon Sisters" to get to a point. Hee. So, Louisa has invented a Lipstick Lo-Jack that allows you to push a button to page your gloss. Paris is unhappy. Richard's eyes are rolling. Rory says it's a very interesting idea, but they should probably try and market something that appeals to both boys and girls. Fraulein's next. She wants to make a Locker Robot that sits in the locker all day. It knows facts, can help with homework, etc. Rory points out that they'd have to build a robot that does all of this. She asks who knows how to do that. Fraulein points at Brad and says, "He looks like he should know." Brad says, "I've never built a robot." Louisa leans in and says, "But you've tried, haven't you?" Brad waits for a second and then says, both proudly and ashamedly, "Yes, I have." Best exchange of the episode. Rory says they have to be able to accomplish the project.

Paris stands up and starts passing out binders of reports. "And I guess Paris is next," Rory says. Paris says that the average student spends seven hours at school. Seven hours of indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather. That same teen is going through major changes in his or her body. The hormonal changes combined with the environmental fluxes can only lead to one thing: accidents. "Muffin" hiding a zit from the captain of the football team ends up slamming her head into a locker. Someone can sprain an ankle. Cut a fingernail. Accidents. Paris proposes a first-aid kit for the locker. It fits in a locker with minimum space disruption. Band-Aid's, cotton balls, antiseptic, bandages, aspirin. Rory asks if anyone has any questions. Richard asks if they sell these things in every drug store. Paris says they do. Richard notes that there's a registered nurse on every campus with these items as well. He asks why a young person would spend good money on something they could get for free. Paris says you can get a teen to buy anything as long as it comes in a leopard print. "True," Louisa says. "Very true," Fraulein agrees. Dress up the kits with sparkles, colors, pictures of bands, sport themes for boys, "animal pictures for the puppy and unicorn bunch," and chess stuff for the Bobby Fischer freaks. "A style for every taste," she says. Plus they can dress up the bandages with neon pink or blue. Anything young, flashy, and bright. Richard asks if this is how she intends to set the business world on its ear. "That's right," Paris says. Richard asks if she really thinks it's going to work. "Yes. I do." Richard says he thinks it's going to work as well. It's simple, affordable, and perfect. He loves it. Rory says they've got their product. Richard says they now need to go through this point-by-point. He stands up and says he hopes nobody has dinner plans. Everyone gives each other slightly terrified looks. Oh, yay! Commercial. I'm exhausted, you guys.

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