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Rory sees Taylor still going on about how Rory would be sitting on that throne right now if she wasn't too busy. Rory storms up to the microphone and says that she humiliates herself six times a year for this town, and just because she's going to Yale doesn't mean she's going to stop. She says the reason she's not the Ice Cream Queen is because Taylor never asked her: "I love this town. I will be back in that ridiculous pilgrim outfit at Thanksgiving, so everybody just get off my back!" There is a smattering of applause.

Emily's. Emily is enjoying an awkward sniff of her flowers while waiting for someone to say "action," and then shouts to Richard to put away his papers and fix his tie, because the girls have arrived. We follow Emily to the front door, where she opens the door instead of letting the help do it. Emily is disappointed to see that Lorelai's not there, but she doesn't say anything. She hugs Rory and invites her in. Rory apologizes for being a little late. Rory says they bought Emily's present in Paris because Lorelai said that Emily loves Paris the most. They sit in the living room, and Rory gives her the present. It's a tiny Eiffel Tower, which Emily loves. She says many nice words about it, as Rory explains that Lorelai was the one who really picked it out. Emily asks where Lorelai is, hoping that she isn't sick. For some reason that I guess doesn't matter, Rory doesn't explain what happened, about how she wrote the date down incorrectly and now Lorelai's running all over town buying things for Rory so that she can leave for school in the morning, letting Rory spend her last night over at Emily's so that they don't miss anything but still can have their special night together later. I guess that would make too much sense, so Rory just gives a vague "errands" explanation that makes Emily think it's a total lie. Rory says that Lorelai will be there next weekend and is looking forward to it.

Richard walks in at this point and tells Emily that he's expecting a call and that there's nothing he can do about it, so she shouldn't complain when he leaves the table. He says hello to Rory and asks how her trip went. Rory says it was perfect. Emily explains that Lorelai had "chores" and "errands" to do tonight. Again, no word from Rory explaining how it's only because Lorelai is so nice that Rory's able to be there right now. Whatever. Richard says that Emily's present will fit right in with her collection. Rory gives Richard his present -- a pipe from Copenhagen, which Emily says will be wonderful when he enjoys it outside. Rory says the store had an entire Alice in Wonderland set, but Lorelai settled on getting Richard only one -- the Queen of Hearts. Richard gets his phone call, and he leaves. He says he'll be ten minutes, tops. Emily says he'll be an hour. Rory asks if his new business is going well, but Emily says Richard's never in the room long enough for her to find out. Emily's new maid calls them to dinner, and Emily says they'll start eating without Richard. And hey, if Gerta the new maid is supposed to have an Irish accent, someone in the casting office needs to be fired. Since we started the scene with an awkward shot of Emily walking to the door, we finish it with Emily walking over to the mantle, where she puts the Eiffel Tower next to a photo of Lorelai and Rory. Emily is unhappy with Lorelai, but for some reason doesn't look at the gigantic painting of her just overhead to sneer.

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