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Sookie's. Sookie runs down the front steps to hug the girls. She's quite pregnant now. "Hey! Don't squish baby!" Jackson yells from the front door. Everybody hugs. "You look older!" Sookie gushes to Rory. "Oh, thanks, Sookie!" Rory says back. Sookie says she can't wait to hear everything they did and everything they ate. She asks if it was warm, since she read that it was warm. ["It was -- 'warm' enough to kill thousands of French people." -- Wing Chun] As Sookie keeps asking a barrage of questions about Anne Frank and Steven Spielberg, Jackson gently leads her back into the house. Sookie has already heard that Lorelai touched the Pope. She asks if they'd like some quiche. Lorelai says that first she needs to look at Sookie sideways. Lorelai touches Sookie's stomach and introduces herself and Rory to the baby. Rory's a bit baby-shy, and doesn't want to come too close to the belly. Neither does Jackson, actually. Jackson says he'll like it when it comes out. Lorelai asks if it's a boy or a girl. Before Sookie can say, Jackson shuts her up. He's wearing a button that says he doesn't want to know the sex of his baby. He's going old-school on this, and wants to be surprised in the delivery room, just like Ricky Ricardo and Dick Van Dyke both were. (It's a two-Dick Van Dyke episode.) Sookie does know the sex of the baby, and is willing to tell Lorelai in a secret room. Jackson convinces Rory to stay on his side, promising to pace the waiting room with her, ready to give out cigars. Rory likes the sound of that, and puts on a button. I guess Lorelai will have to be Sookie's Lamaze coach. "Welcome to 1954," Jackson says to Rory as he hands her a bowl of buttons. Lorelai and Sookie leave to find out the sex of the baby. Rory and Jackson lean back on the couch, smugly. "So, you hear about that whole Sputnik thing?" Rory asks Jackson. Jackson calmly responds: "Oh, Eisenhower's on top of it." Ha.

Lorelai can't believe that Jackson isn't going to be in the delivery room with Sookie. Sookie says she doesn't even like Jackson to see her shaving her legs, so she doesn't mind that he's not going to be there. Sometimes this show gets so weird with its old-fashioned notions. Sookie shouts that she's opening the shed. She does so. It's a boy. Sookie and Lorelai hug and coo about boys. "Jackson will finally have that son to prune the trees with," Sookie says. Lorelai says it's all so exciting. "I know nothing about little boys," she says. "Me neither!" Sookie giggles. Lorelai and Sookie pull up a couple of blue chairs and instantly turn the subject back to Lorelai, and how nice it is that she's home. Then Lorelai asks whether Luke went on the cruise. Sookie says he did. Lorelai determines that it's good he went, because he needed a vacation. Sookie says she thinks that something weird happened on the cruise, because Luke wouldn't talk to her and Sookie about it the last time they went to the diner. Lorelai asks if it was because Jackson was wearing that creepy button. Sookie says that Luke seemed kind of freaked out about something, but that she doesn't know what. Lorelai can't even hide her smile to ask if maybe Luke and Nicole got into a fight. Lorelai asks if Sookie's going to name the baby "Lorelai." Sookie: "Absolutely. That wouldn't be confusing at all."

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