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Stars Hollow Summer Vacation Essay

The next day, in the midst of shopping, Lorelai complains to Rory that she is wiped out. "I shouldn't've taken that third Excedrin PM last night," she says. Rory asks why she took three. Lorelai says she originally took two, but sometime in the middle of the night she woke up and had a "major Marilyn moment" and forgot how many she had taken and popped another one. "Now I'm ready to sleep with a Kennedy," she says, taking a seat on a bench as Rory notes that she's heard Kerry is available. Lorelai says that jet lag wants to be her best friend, but they have a big night of Godfather ahead of them, so there's no time for resting. Rory goes through her list of things they need to buy. They still need to hit beauty supply, hardware store, and stationery store. Lorelai says they need to hit the mattress store, too, since otherwise Rory will be sleeping on a mattress used by countless hundreds of other students. We didn't get the option of our own mattress at UT, since the beds slid in and out of the walls, so you bought yards and yards of those egg foam things, but that really did nothing and the cushion against the wall had been used by hundreds of countless others, so it's just a gross thing that you have to live with because you're a freshman. Rory complains that they'll never finish the list. Lorelai suggests that they split up, and she'll take the beauty supply as Rory handles the stationery store. Rory gets psyched, but then notices that, to get to the stationery store, she'll have to pass by the grand opening of Taylor's soda shoppe. Lorelai says she'd take the stationery store, but she knows how weird Rory is about the kind of pens she likes. Heh. Also: how much money have the girls spent in the past three months? Between buying an inn, going on a summer-long trip, getting all new stuff for Yale (including a mattress), and buying presents for all of Stars Hollow, soon Lorelai will have to take out another Chilton-sized loan from her parents to pay all of the different mortgages. Rory says she'll walk really, really super-fast past Taylor's, and maybe he won't notice her.

But of course Taylor sees Rory, and has a throne set up in front of the building, where the picture of Rory rests under a crown, but there's no Rory in her seat. He thanks everybody for coming to celebrate the grand opening. He says unfortunately their Ice Cream Queen was just too busy to help celebrate and couldn't find time in her "busy queen schedule" to find time to "come play" with the kids of Stars Hollow. One little girl bursts into tears. "I know, Christy, but take heart," Taylor says. "We still have balloons, and music! And as a special treat a little later, a skydiver is going to drop from the sky and land right here in front of Taylor's old-fashioned soda shoppe and candy store!" Rory starts to walk away as Taylor yells that it's great the skydiver isn't too busy to come play with the children. Rory breaks into a sprint.

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