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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

Lorelai tells her that the party is beautiful and she can't believe she pulled it off. "I just did all the baking," Sookie tells her. "This was all Luke." Lorelai is amazed. "He made me promise not to say anything," Sookie goes on, "but I don't care. This is ALL Luke. He did all of it." She tells Lorelai how Luke planned the whole thing, came to her and had the town meeting and how, last night, when they heard about the storm, Luke went around getting tarps and raincoats. "I don't know how he did it," Sookie says, exuberant. "He must have stayed up all night doing this. Can you believe it?" Lorelai has a funny look on her face. "Yeah," she says. "I'll be back." She wanders slowly toward the diner, avoiding getting sidelined by Kirk and Taylor, both being ridiculous in their classic ways. She even declines to make a Morey sandwich with Babette, heading straight across the street.

Luke comes out of the diner to see her walking up. "Hey," she says, all vulnerable and on the edge of tears. "Thank you." He tries to brush it off, saying it was no big deal. She gets quiet. "Luke," she almost-whispers, cutting through his denial. He sighs, at last prepared to say the truth. "I just like to see you happy," he says, and finally, finally, finally, they rush together and, to the strains of a million squees and the gorgeous lyrics of the Mighty Lemon Drops, they kiss, and my husband and dog and I abandon all hope that any of us will ever cease sobbing.

It's very early morning at the CrapShack as Rory and Lorelai complete the packing. "I just feel like I need more time," Lorelai says. "I really just feel ambushed." She says she thought she had the whole summer to impart her wisdom about life and work. "On the bus," she says, "make sure you choose a good seat. Get a window seat, honey, because there's so much to see." She suggests sitting toward the back of the bus, because those people are just more fun. The front-of-the-bus people just tend to be more bossy and uptight, she says, for whatever reason. "It's been that way since first grade." She goes on and on, reminding Rory not to wear shorts on the bus, as it's not professional, and not to be too shy. Or too forward. "You make a lovely first impression," she says, "but you really grow on people, too." Rory finally has to interrupt her as Lorelai rants on about giving her that orange sweater Rory has always wanted. "Mom," Rory says, "you've given me everything I need." My eyes are out of tears, and apparently so are Lorelai's. Okay, she says, and she asks if Rory's ready. "What's the rush?" Rory asks. "It's like, 5:00 AM." Lorelai picks up some luggage. "We've got," she says, "a stop to make."

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