Gilmore Girls
Bon Voyage

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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

They arrive at the diner in the dark. Inside, Luke has one little table lamp lit as he pours the ladies some coffee. "Gotta take care of my best customers," Luke says. They, naturally, need a little time with the menu, and tease him about how charming the place is. "You know, I'm gonna need a minute," Lorelai trills at him, all smiles. He smiles back. "Take all the time you need," he says. Rory sees and knows all and is happy. She compliments Lorelai on her necklace as Luke goes to the kitchen to make them a smorgasbord breakfast. "Suits you," Rory says. As Rory takes a sip of coffee, Lorelai reminds her to be careful of coffee on the bus. She brilliantly suggests getting Rory a thermos that says "World's Greatest Reporter," and we fade out as they laugh together, in their favorite place, as Rory prepares to go out into the world and Lorelai prepares to start a new life with Luke. Could I cry any more? Doubtful. Could there be any sweeter finale? Nope. It is very hard to say goodbye, and I wish we never had to, but honestly...what a pleasure it's been to follow this excellent show. Thanks.

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