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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

After a little smack talk about how she's going to ride it with no hands, Rory stands triumphant at her desk. "I'm done," she says. "Seventy-four resumes, addressed and sealed." Lorelai can't withhold the snark. "Not at all excessive," she jokes, but Rory says she just didn't want to leave any stones unturned. Lorelai assures her that all forms of rocks, pebbles and boulders have been thoroughly turned, indeed. Rory's about to make a snappy comeback when she opens one of her moving boxes and pulls out Logan's rocket. Pulls out. Logan's rocket. Hmm. I tried to make it sound less dirty, but it isn't possible. Rory sighs, saying she hasn't talked to him since the big moment and that the sadness comes in waves. "Big ones," she says, "really close together." Lorelai commiserates, promising that the waves will get smaller and that it's best to let herself be sad if she needs to. "Believe me," Rory assures her, "I'm letting myself feel plenty sad." Rory says she can't imagine it feeling better. "Do you feel better about Luke?" she asks her mom. Lorelai is downright sanguine when she says yeah, she feels better. "Because, I think," she says, "we're done." Rory is alarmed. Maybe, she says, they just need more time. "More time?" Lorelai rages. "I've given him all the time in the world." She says every time she's vulnerable or makes some gesture like, for example, the karaoke song, he "doesn't do anything." Wait a minute. Every time you passive-aggressively show that you might be, possibly interested in him, maybe, perchance... you're mad because he doesn't respond with a direct declaration of love? Chalk one up to Lorelai -- I adore her, but she ain't learned a single lesson about men in seven seasons, despite being engaged three times and married once.

"I just don't think he's over you," Rory tells her, but Lorelai says it doesn't matter. She's over him. "I need someone who can feel, you know?" she says. "Who can show me how he feels. He can't do that." Anyway, she says, she thinks they're better as friends. You know, coffee friends, she says. "Or like, 'hey, Luke, can you make all the burgers for Rory's reenactment graduation party,' you know?" HA. Rory has to pause. "Hmm," she says, "what reenactment graduation party?" Lorelai: "It's just uh...a graduation reenactment party that we're gonna have for all the people that couldn't attend your graduation!" Despite her attempts to casually make it seem like something normal people would do, Rory is less than thrilled with the party idea. "MOM," she says, when she hears the details. "You owe me."

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