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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

At the diner, Luke is taking a meat delivery. What? Hmm? Did I say something funny? Look, these things just write themselves. I await the delicious Charlie the meat guy/Luke fanfic. Luke orders a bunch of burgers and hot dogs, despite Charlie's high-pressure sale on bratwurst, and Charlie leaves, disappointed, just as Liz is coming in. My eyes glaze over for the rest of this scene because... though I can accept many things, I cannot accept that Liz can somehow afford a Bugaboo stroller. I mean, only the best for Doula and all, but Liz makes jewelry out of fishing line, and T.J. is employed as a professional irritant. After trying (and failing) to flim-flam Luke into babysitting while she shops for a dress for Rory's party, Liz asks if he gave Lorelai the necklace. Luke hems and haws, insisting he just bought it as a backup gift for Rory. Liz won't hear of it. "That was no backup gift!" she says. "And what about the song!" Luke says again that the "I Will Always Love You" moment meant nothing, and that if Liz is so insistent on Lorelai having the necklace, maybe she should give it to her. He casually asserts that he and Lorelai are done, acting like it's no big deal. Liz shrugs, asking him to mix up some sweet potato and banana for Doula, and he goes to the back to blend it, yelling back over his shoulder: "Don't slip out while I'm making it." Busted. Poor Kathleen Wilhoite, always playing the bad mom. Eight thousand years ago when ER was just starting, she was great as a bad mom, too, and I'd link to the show recap where Susan runs around freaking out because Chloe can't find the baby, or whatever happened but seriously, I am pretty sure I saw that episode when I was still in college, before the internet was even invented.

It's Friday night at the Gilmore mansion, and Rory has yet to arrive. Emily, naturally, is bitching that Rory has taken a meeting during the all-important FND hour, but Lorelai assures her that Rory will be there soon. Apparently, Rory is having drinks with the ever-helpful Hugo Gray. Emily says again that she doesn't think this meeting should be cutting into FND. "Maybe we'll stay later, then," Lorelai says with unprecedented generosity. "For after-dinner drinks?" Emily asks, excited. "Mmmaybe," Lorelai says, and who can blame her? Emily snarks about the upcoming roller-coaster trip. "You're riding roller coasters for a month?" she asks. "This is what Yale graduates do?" Sigh. Lorelai says Rory is tired and needs a break and some fun. Plus, Lorelai says, soon Rory will have a job and will be moving on. "This might be my last shot. This might be the last time I can spend time with her like this." At this, Emily, world's biggest drama queen, has the audacity to suggest that Lorelai's being maudlin. Instead of questioning why Lorelai has shown up to dinner wearing a dress made of material more appropriate for Dancing With the Stars, Emily reveals her newest big idea: she wants Lorelai to put a spa in at the Inn. "Spas," she says, "are exploding." Lorelai: "Sounds dangerous." Emily says spa destinations are the big thing in destination vacations -- little country inns are out. Lorelai insists that business is great right now. "I don't need to start rubbing people with hot rocks," she says, "or wrapping people in seaweed." They are still arguing about it when Rory comes in, but Lorelai promises to think about it.

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