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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

Luke barely has time to react, however, because elsewhere in the diner, the gaggle of townies has overheard the party news and is displeased. "Wait a second," Kirk yells, backed up by Lulu, Babette and Patty. "Did you just say Rory's graduation party is cancelled?" Lorelai tries to put the best face on it, smiling big. "Oh, no, it's GOOD news!" she says, telling them all about Rory's new job. "But you promised us a reenactment!" Babette shrieks. Kirk tries to save it, with fear in his voice, saying they can still have the party, just with Lulu playing the part of Rory. "But it's not the same, Kirk," Patty wails as Rory, Lorelai and Luke look on in horror. Lorelai thinks fast, pushing Rory off her stool. Why they don't just run out the door, I don't know, but instead, Lorelai grabs a menu and stages the reenactment right there in the diner. "Everybody...the graduate...Lorelai Leigh Gilmore!" she says, presenting Rory with the menu and making cheering-crowd noises. "You are one of tomorrow's future leaders, uh, today." Rory shakes her hand and accepts the menu. "I'm so glad to have graduated," she says, "summa cum Luke!" Yay, Lorelai cheers, but the townies are left cold. With hilarious blank stares, they gaze upon Rory. "That's not how I imagined it," Babette croaks, and Rory hangs her head as her mom apologizes and explains that they don't have time to organize a party, since Rory has to leave in two days. "Two daaaays?" Miss Patty moans, and making more apologies and promises to come by and say goodbye later, Lorelai and Rory leave. Luke, at the counter, looks on wistfully. He has an idea.

Sookie is at the Inn cooking up some bouillabaisse when Luke comes in. He wants her help throwing Rory's party anyway, despite the sped-up timeline. "Oh, yeah?" Sookie asks, her eyes lit up with excitement, especially when Luke says he thinks they should make it a surprise party. "I think Rory would really love it," Luke says. Sookie nudges him. "I think Lorelai would really love it," she says. Luke, casual: "Yeah, Rory and Lorelai." Sookie laughs, says she is all over the desserts, and tells him to give Jackson a call for help as well. As Luke walks out, she watches him, grinning.

Out in Stars Hollow, Rory is shopping through her list of items she has to get before leaving. Lorelai advises her about travel shampoo, saying 23 small bottles are lighter than one large bottle, which...I'm not sure if that's technically accurate, but perhaps it would be easier to pack them? ["Not to're on the road, not shipwrecked. I'm thinking you can buy more shampoo along the way?" -- Miss Alli] They discuss other stuff, like the postcards Rory wants to get to send to Lorelai from all her road stops. "You could just email me," Lorelai reminds her, but Rory says postcard-writing is a dying art and getting mail is so much better than email. "Plus," she adds, thinking of being separated from her mom, "we'll talk all the time." Lorelai shrugs. "Yeah, yeah," she says, and she immediately goes back to discussing the list. Rory looks worried for a second, but is soon caught up in the other items she needs. Lorelai has a sudden recollection -- when Miss Patty hurt her back last spring demonstrating ballet moves for the little daffodils, she got a chair back support thing to help her with the pain. Lorelai is sure she'd loan it to Rory. "Yeah," Rory says, "but do I really want to be known as Back Support Thingy Girl?" Lorelai: "Hello. Two-hour speech. Metal folding chairs. 'And now we'll take questions for an hour.'" Rory sees the logic. They arrive at the dance studio to find the door closed and locked. "Weird," Lorelai says. "She never locks this." Patty cracks the door to their knocks. "I'm consulting with my muse," she says, not letting them see into the darkened studio. Good thing, too, since the entire town is inside pressed up against the wall, hiding from them. When Rory and Lorelai leave and the coast is clear, they hold their secret town meeting. Well, actually, Taylor wants them to all understand that this is not an official town meeting, as they have already broken several of Robert's Rules. Lane sighs. "Taylor, isn't it worth breaking a few rules over?" she snarks. "It is Rory, for God's sake." Hee. Beautiful. Lane has grown up.

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