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Good, Good, Goodbye. SOB!

At Lane's apartment, the two grown-up girls sit on a bench out front, reminiscing about stinky boys and first kisses. "How weird is this?" Lane says. "Yesterday we were sitting on your mom's front porch, playing jacks and praying to grow boobs. And now, look at us. I have a husband and two babies in there, and you're about to go off and conquer the world, or at least write about it." Rory laughs. "We've come a long way, baby," she says. They are interrupted by Zach, who needs a private word with Lane, inside. "I just got a call from Luke," he says. Apparently the townies are ready to start setting up the square for the party. "Yeah, so?" Lane says. So, Zach explains, they can't do it while Rory is sitting on Lane's front porch, staring at the square in question. "They can't start setting up until she goes home," Zach says. When he suggests that she and Rory hurry it up, Lane swings on him. "It's my last night with my best friend," she says, giving him the laser eyes. Zach's blood runs cold. "You're done when you're done," he says.

Back outside, Lane finds Rory staring morosely into space. She asks what's wrong. "In the past two minutes, sitting here," Rory says, "I've managed to completely freak myself out." Lane consoles her with a hand on her shoulder. "Rory," she says, "you're going to do an amazing job; you always do." But see, Rory says, that's what she says. It's not a given that she's going to be amazing. "What if I'm a terrible reporter?" she says. Lane takes a tone as the voice of reason: "Then you'll figure out how to get better." Rory says she's still freaking -- she's even worried about leaving her mom. "See?" she says, almost crying. "I'm not ready. What reporter freaks about about leaving their mom?" Lane looks right in her eye. "The lucky kind," she says. Rory sighs, and says it's just embarrassing, especially because Lorelai seems to be handling it so well. "I'm sure she's freaking out on the inside," Lane says. Rory sighs again. "Lane," she says, "your friendship means so much to me. It's so..." They tear up. SOB. Lane: "Me too." Rory: "I mean, I don't know what it's like to have a sister." (, she does have a sister. Named Gigi. And her mom is practically her sister, so...whatever, I'm still crying.) The two friends laugh again. "Mrs. VanGerbig," Rory teases. Lane: "Ms. Gilmore."

Back at home, Lorelai is ironing all of Rory's clothes on the theory that the flatter they are, the more she can fit into the suitcase. Rory, still emotional, tells her that saying goodbye to Lane was hard, and Lorelai dismisses it, picking up the fanny pack convo where they left off. Finally, Rory's had enough. "Mom," she interrupts. "I don't get it. How can you be so fine with everything?" Finally, Lorelai has to face it. "It's too soon," she says quietly. "If I stop to think about you leaving, now, I'm going to fall apart. We still have time left. It's too soon." Oh my God. Please, please make me stop crying, dammit. It IS too soon! For this SHOW to be off the air! Ain't right! Damn you to Hell, CW! You saddle us with yet another season of Chad Michael Murray and his squinting, hair-gelled, costar-marrying ass and can't make it work for these awesome people? Hate.

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