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Reversal Of Fortune

Richie walks Rory to her dorm. He drops her off at the entrance. Rory says that they could get dinner, but Richie says he needs to walk around by himself and clear his head. He should try Nanny's salve. Rory says she'll see Richie tomorrow. "Uh, yeah. Tomorrow," Richie says, as he walks away.

Luke and Lorelai hang out at Lorelai's couch. Luke is tired. Lorelai thanks him for being a "white knight." Luke starts to fall asleep. Lorelai tries to take advantage of the asking him for his secret lamb chop ingredient. He will not give.

The phone rings, and it's Rory. She tells Lorelai about the awful dinner, and how Richie's family hates her. "That's impossible!" says Lorelai. "That's like hating Thumper. No one hates Thumper!" Actually, I didn't like Thumper that much. I think it was his voice that I found most objectionable. But at least he didn't walk around the forest, extolling the virtues of his pedigree. Rory says that the Riches don't think she is good enough to marry into their family. "What are they talking about?" says Lorelai. "Don't they know you're a Gilmore?" Rory says they obviously don't care: "And who said anything about marrying into their family?" Seriously. Rory says that apparently, the fact that Logan brought her home said that he was going to marry her, a thought that you know she secretly loves. Lorelai says she can't believe that the Riches said all this stuff to Rory's face, and that Rory just sat there and didn't say anything. "I hate these people," says Lorelai, asking what Richie did about all this. She begrudgingly offers him praise for getting angry and leaving the dinner. But, Rory says, Richie looked really freaked out all the way home, and Rory's afraid that he re-thought their relationship. Lorelai asks if she can say something Rory won't want to hear. Rory says she can. Lorelai says that if Richie bolts, she should let him go. "We're good together," says Rory. "I'm good for him." "But maybe he isn't good for you," Lorelai says. Except that she really means "good enough," I think. Rory says that Richie can change. Lorelai says that, two days ago, Rory -- her "beautiful, brainy, fabulous daughter" -- was lying on the bathroom floor crying, which is disturbing to Lorelai for many reasons, one of which is that she does not remember the last time she cleaned the bathroom floor. I love that they mentioned the nastiness of bathroom floors. "Is that really the kind of relationship you want to be in?" Lorelai asks. Rory doesn't have a chance to respond, because someone is at the door.

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