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Reversal Of Fortune

It's Richie! He apologizes to Rory for "taking off" on her and "overreacting" about the whole dinner thing. "Forgive me?" he asks. "There's nothing to forgive," Rory says. Richie offers to take her to dinner. Rory runs back into the bedroom and asks her mom if she heard that. "Everything's fine, I just got upset about nothing," says Rory. "Okay, but -- " Lorelai starts, but doesn't have time to say much else before Rory says, "Thanks for the talk, Mom, and I heard you, but I have to go." She runs off to dinner with the perfect man.

It's the next day or so at the newspaper office. Paris tells Rory about her talk with Doyle. Apparently, his heart was broken several years ago when a girl dumped him in a "Julia Roberts to Kiefer Sutherland kind of dump." Would anyone Paris's age even remember that Julia Roberts was married to Lyle Lovett, let alone engaged to Kiefer Sutherland before that? I do, but only because I have a dollhouse, and my dollhouse is very awesome and detailed and even has electricity, which is the distinguishing line, I feel, between a child's plaything and a serious adult hobby. Anyway, my dollhouse mother loves to read her tabloids, and she has a little miniature National Enquirer that she keeps on the living-room coffee table, and its cover story is about Lyle Lovett and Julia's Roberts's surprise marriage. Because, kind of like this show sometimes, the world of miniatures is a good ten to fifteen years behind the real world. Do you know how hard it is to find a realistic-looking miniature computer? Without a laptop, Dollhouse Dad's home business has fallen behind, so much so that they had to rent the attic room out to a family of bipedal bears.

Back on the show, Paris says that Doyle admitted that he wants to have a committed relationship with Paris, and that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, just like Rory and Richie! Mitch Rich strolls in, and Paris jumps up to shake his hand. Mitch says that Paris's handshake reminds him of Jimmy Breslin's, and asks her to excuse him and Rory. He apologizes for the dinner party and his family. Rory thanks him. Mitch leans against a desk and says he heard that Rory wants to be a journalist. She says that is true. Mitch says that his company just acquired the Stamford Eagle Gazette. It's a small paper, but it has potential. And Stamford is pretty close to New Haven. Would Rory be interested in an internship there? Actually, she would not. Mitch is taken aback, and asks why. Rory says she thinks Mitch is only offering out of guilt over the dinner. "So what?" Mitch says. He says that an opportunity is being handed to Rory. It doesn't matter why: "What are you gonna do about it?" Rory smiles. Mitch says she starts Monday at 10. He breezes out of the office, leaving Rory to tap her pencil and wonder what she just got herself into.

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